High Point Furniture Market ~ the chaos before the beauty

June 11, 2009

The High Point North Carolina Furniture Market.  It began it’s history when a few dozen furniture pioneers dreamed to make High Point the leader of the world in 1909.  This year marks its 100th anniversary and yet again proves it is the very essence of our home town.  People from all over the world come to see our small town that sits high upon a hill with the stars of the furniture industry highlighted every six months.

That brings me to this post: the design of the showrooms, the process we call market set-up or shall we say….the chaos before the beauty.

There we are.  Waiting.  And waiting…and waiting.

We wait on manufacturers to tell us what they are bringing to market and how they want it shown.  We wait on product sketches.  We wait on approved drawings and if we are lucky photographs.  We wait on sku lists and discontinued lists.  We wait on approvals of floor plans, budgets and final product decisions.

We wait on furniture trucks.  We wait on carpenters and on paint crews.  We even wait for paint to dry.

We wait on containers to make it in the country, for customs to allow it in, and for drivers to bring it to us.  We wait for management to make decisions, for cleaning crews to do their thing and for signs to be installed.

To sum it up:  We hurry up and then (you guessed it) we WAIT.

Furniture showroom set up is an interesting and exciting part of our business.  We hurry because we routinely have less than six weeks to put together entire showrooms including design ideas, construction, paint, carpet, signage and other miscellaneous elements.  We wait because, well…you already know.

This market was no exception.  At the eleventh hour we had issues and lots of them.  Furniture was late.  Promises made to us had been broken.  Layouts and even products were changing.  At times we looked around and thought “will we ever finish?”  The answer is yes.  We always do.  That’s our job, and our promise, to our showroom clients.  No matter what, when the market doors open, we have them ready for business.  Our goal is to have them ready earlier rather than later and fortunately we had several of those this market too.

We work in a lot of buildings:  200 Steele Street, IHFC, Market Square as well as other MMPI properties, and 310 North Hamilton Street.  Our exposure and diversification with various showroom clients make us a better design firm and at the end of that eleventh hour, ultimately make our clients showrooms better too.

To find out more about the High Point Furniture Market including dates, exhibitors, places to stay and other vital information please visit High Point Market Authority to learn more.

See you in High Point this fall!

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