Triad Living Magazine

September 1, 2009

Isn’t it great to get an unexpected nice surprise?

Yesterday I was in the middle of a huge project when the phone rang and the president of Wake Living and Triad Living magazines was on the other end.  He told me he had a stack of their most recent publication for us and wanted to personally drop them off.  We are currently working on the WXII 12 Concept Home in Summerfield so we were already aware that Triad Living was doing a spread on the concept home.  That said, I wasn’t all that surprised when David Hughes called me.  No big deal right?

The surprise came when I met him at his car!   The COVER of this Fall’s 2009 issue was another project we recently completed – the master bedroom of the Greensboro Junior League Designer Showhouse.   Check out our May 6th blog post for more information on this great project.

Thank you to Triad Living Magazine for the honor of gracing your cover!

Triad Living Cover

Triad Living Cover


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