Trend Spotter: Barn Doors

January 5, 2011

A few years ago we had the pleasure of working with renowned home builder Kevin Otey of  Otey Construction.  Our mission:  to design an interior worthy of MOUNTAIN LIVING magazine and Veranda at the same time.  You may remember the blog that we posted about this house: Otey Construction and WXII MDA House.   He wanted clever ideas that homeowners could incorporate into their own homes as well as sustainable or reclaimed products.  One of our favorite ideas that made it’s way to the kitchen was the sliding barn door.  Take a look:

It got me thinking…what other barn style doors are out there?  Take a look at some that I found:

Christi B

Photos via modern Prairie Girl, Beach Bungalow 8 and Tracery Interiors.

3 Responses to “Trend Spotter: Barn Doors”

  1. Love the sliding barn doors. Might have to go that route when we build our new house.

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