Charlotte Home + Garden Launch Party

April 7, 2011

Last night we had the pleasure to attend Charlotte Home + Garden magazines launch party to celebrate their clean, streamlined new look.  It could not have been a more beautiful evening or location: right in the middle of the Van Landingham Estate ~ which is located in one of Charlotte’s most beautiful neighborhoods.

The lovely side yard was well prepared for guests.

Want to see more?  We thought you might so we ran back to the car to get our camera (ok, iphone) so we could give you a peek into our evening:

The brick pathways eventually lead to this garden house.

The yard was full of blooming flowers, water features and sweet pathways leading all over the property.

A table full of hot-off-the-press magazine's shows off their fresh, clean new look. Lucky us, we got to take a few copies home!

The flowers on each table complimented what was freshly blooming in the yard.


Special thanks to our friend and Editor Blake Miller for including us on such a special evening!  CH+G is already listed as one of our Friday Favorites:  check out our post from October 10, 2010 here.

xo Christi

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