Backyard Honey-Do Project

May 10, 2011

Hubby has serious mixed emotions at the end of the High Point furniture market each year:  On one hand, he is thrilled that I will have somewhat normal working hours again since he has been playing Mr. Mom for the last month plus.  On the other hand, since I have been working to make so many beautiful settings in our showrooms, I come home full of lots of ideas for our house.  Thus, making his Honey-Do list quite long.

This market is no exception.  With some early warm temperatures and longer days, I had some serious spring fever and wanted to spend some time outside.  Hubby did too but his idea of spending time outside is on the golf course.   Nonetheless, being the good sport he is, he jumped right in on my game-plan.  Our patio isn’t in exactly what you would call “resort living”.  Overgrown, dirty and neglected it was in need of some serious TLC.   So, after a trip to our favorite local nursery Price Nursery and some brainstorming with my garden binder we were armed and ready to get started.  Did I say we?  Oops – I meant to say I was ready to get started, but hubby plays along anyway (and does a fantastic job).  Isn’t he a gem?

Here’s a peek into the process:

Step 1 – REALITY

This is our backyard. What a mess!


I love all white blooms so green and white will be the color scheme!

The clean simple layout of this patio makes me happy.

We love these tall white containers!

The green, the white, the simple = Magnificent!

Step 3 – A PLAN

A sketch for the plantings helps us gain better vision of our layout. Ultimately we decide not to use this but its always a good idea to have a place to start.

Step 4 – SHOPPING (yes, admittedly my favorite part)

This trellis will give us some privacy and provide a stable place for Akebia to grow.

Love these concrete tall urns with their cylinder shape that we found at Price. They are perfect for anchoring the seating area.

What a score! Large white pots with a simple shape to them and navy trellis pillows from our local TARGET store! SCORE!


Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting photos of this quickie backyard makeover, just in time for Spring dinner parties!

xo Christi

2 Responses to “Backyard Honey-Do Project”

  1. Meliss Way Says:

    It is so true that after market we want to go into and outside of our home to change things. I am the same way. Things may have been perfect before but there is always room for change. I think it is a benefit of being a designer. Our minds are always spinning. Love it. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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