The big question ~ how high do I hang?

May 24, 2011

This morning I had this text from a client/friend:

“Quick question – will the length be obvious for how high they should hang the pendants?”  (We are currently giving her kitchen a facelift and it includes new pendant lights over the bar and kitchen sinks.)

Questions like this are pretty typical around our office.  Since I was not able to be on site during the installation, I verified two important measurements with her:  1.  what was the height of the island and 2. what was the ceiling height?  With those two answers in hand (and the dimensions on her new pendants), I grabbed the tape measure and tested out my thoughts in our office kitchen.

I realize there are lots of “guidelines” out there but as I told my client ~ there are so many things to consider that “RULES” don’t really apply.  (Although I guess you could say I have never followed strict rules…but that’s a story for another day.)

First, you have to consider the size and shape of your light fixture.  Is it tall and skinny?  Short and wide?

Second, you need to look at the space itself and see how the light fixture looks in the room.  Is it a big room or small?  High ceilings or low?  Architectural details to highlight or hide?

Then most importantly, how does it look to you?  It’s your home, make yourself happy!

Guidelines suggest anywhere from 30″ – 40″ above the counter height.

Our solution for this project?  We went with 40″ above her counter height (which is 36″ and her ceilings are 9’0″).  The pendants are rather large – 19″ tall by 11″ wide, one of the reasons we went with the taller height.

I know its never as interesting to read about the project as it is to see photos so here you go:

Our clients kitchen before. We have new lights, window treatments, wallpaper and barstools on the way!

We selected these beautiful mercury pendant lights from Regina Andrew for the new kitchen lighting:

New Regina Andrew Pendants

The trusty electrician holding up the pendant for us to take a better look.

Once the the installation of the wallpaper and window treatments is complete we will be posting before and after photos!  Be sure to stay tuned!

xo Christi

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