Room Rave ~ The Viceroy, Santa Monica CA

June 6, 2011

You know I love to travel, right?  Part of the fascination for me are the hotels we stay in.  It is my opportunity for design voyeurism into a a world or lifestyle we might not otherwise normally live.  Take for instance The Viceroy in Santa Monica.  It was love at first sight.  Literally.   Design Diva  Kelly Wearstler (she’s like a rock-star in our business) gave The Viceroy an overhaul – or they like to say she “reimagined it” – in 2002.  Her trademark bold sense of color gives the post millennium design a retro-chic vibe.  An overall monochromatic color scheme (black, white and gray) is punched by hits of parrot green and sunshine yellow.  And oh my the mirrors – you better love to look at yourself.  There are mirrors everywhere and if it’s not a mirror then it is some sort of metallic wallcovering or the like.  Lovely.

For instance the lobby (shown above) has framed mirrors all over – small, medium and large – choose your liking.  Or in the dining area where mirrors line the wall:

I squealed with delight (yes, literally) when hubby opened the room to our suite last month.  He knows how much I enjoy well designed hotels, especially boutique gems.  He booked completely on his own and boy did he do a good job.   He also knows me well enough to not start dumping things all over the room without me taking photos first.  So I whipped out my camera like sunscreen at the pool and the photo shoot began.

Funny photo – I know.  But I couldn’t resist the parrot green door to our room.

The sitting area – don’t you just love the punch of yellow?

This divider is a nice way to break the view from the entrance door.

This Queen Anne chair painted sunshine yellow is a happy way to greet guests at the front door (I love the bright white slick vinyl):

There was not one swinging door in the entire suite.  Every door was a rolling door like this large one to the bathroom:

Ok, I take that back.  There IS one set of swinging doors.  It’s actually to the built-in bar area.  Here it is closed:

And open:

The bathroom was well appointed with lots of storage and even stocked with Neil George goodies – one of my favorites!

And the bedroom….oh this bed (it’s a SERTA!).  I could have stayed here all day – if only we didn’t have so much exploring to do…..

And the view???

My only regret?  We didn’t have more time to spend at the Viceroy….

xo Christi

Note:  Pictures 1 and 2 as well as the “Library” came from the Viceroy website – all others were taken by me!

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  1. […] by none other than Kelly Wearstler, yes – that same design diva that created vibe in the Santa Monica Viceroy we just stayed in this past May.  You could call me a fan.  Take a look at the inspiring interior […]

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