Restaurant Rave ~ The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica CA

July 22, 2011

Whether you are looking to witness the splendor of a beautiful Santa Monica sunset, eat a sinfully delicious meal or trying to catch a glimpse of a star (celebrity that is, or actually you can do both) then look no further than The Penthouse. Located on the top floor of The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica – this is definitely the place to see and be seen.

I first learned of The Huntley several years ago from one of my (many) travel magazines and quickly added it to our never-ending Globe-Trotting Bucket List.

Last month: another check off the ‘ole list.

Hubby and I were spending a few days in Santa Monica so without hesitation, The Penthouse was on our dinner reservation list.
Arrival is a ride to the top of The Huntley where you are greeted by the host, whose backdrop is a magnificent view to the Pacific Ocean. We got there just before 8:00 – right in time to see the sun start to set.

The interior is a designers delight: sculptured wooden walls bathed in all white, white leather chairs, backlit marble bar tops, and candles are everywhere – the all white backdrop to the west coast sunset is a perfect compliment to truly enjoy Mother Natures ‘last call’.   For those who are recognizable (or stalked by paparazzi) there are cocoon-like alcoves draped by white sheers and bathed in soft light by glass chandeliers.

Sadly, it would be super un-cool to yank your camera out at The Huntley given it’s dining super start status list therefore I elected (gasp) to take no photos.  However….(gotta love internet) I was able to find a few on line for you at The Huntley’s very own website.  It’s just too pretty not to share.

The little alcove leading from the bathroom is hidden by these fun beads so when you walk out you are looking through the beads (they are usually down).  Kinda like a love den in the 70’s.

These are the cocoon-like areas that provide some romance or privacy (or both):

This is the image I saw in an advertisement a few years ago.  It was instant love:

I was brave enough (imagine that) to pull my trusty camera out in the bathroom…of all places.  They don’t post photos like that anywhere on the internet so here you go – first time shown here!

While I am sharing I might as well include some images from the home of The Penthouse ~ The Huntley Hotel.  The entrance is on an unassuming residential/commercial street just steps away from the beach or the Santa Monica downtown shopping district.

How fun are all these fish on the wall??

How do they get all those fish to float?  I boldly pulled my camera out in the lobby (go me) and took a few more shots.  Sorry for the poor quality – they were taken with my phone:

*Travel Tip:

If you find a hotel you love or really want to visit ~ become a FAN on their Facebook page.  They will typically post FB only specials and share insider information.  It’s also a great way to learn more about the property, who visits, places of interest nearby and all kinds of other great travel info.

xo Christi

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