Tuesday’s Treat: White Kitchens

August 23, 2011

I have been doing some research for a project and have been looking at several – no dozens – no make that hundreds of photos of kitchens.  One that I am particularly drawn to are the designs of Christopher Peacock Cabinetry.  Take a look and I bet you’ll see why:

I love these kitchens but I think his personal home is one of my favorites.  It was featured in Traditional Home and you can see the full set of images here.

Don’t you just love the punch of orange over the sink?  I do…yum.

The chalkboard front refrigerator would be a BIG hit at my house!

What chef would not droooool over having spices this handy?

Love, love, love.  Period.

With a face that sweet….I can’t pay attention to the details in this photo.  Oh wait, yes I can.

Designer Victoria Hagan does an excellent job of the all-white kitchen:

All these images remind me of one of my favorite movies – Something’s Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.  Set designer Beth Rubino somehow managed to get inside my head and design my dream house.  How did she do that?  I still haven’t figured it out!   The kitchen is one of my all-time loves and (yes, it sounds crazy) I was so crazy about it that one time I rented the DVD and paused it to take photos for a project.  Oh, the things we do….  It’s been around a long time – I know – but the classic elements that Beth Rubino used make this kitchen timeless.

The soapstone counters, the subway tile, the pendant lighting….job well done Ms. Rubino.

Check out the tile, the counters, the cabinets, the pulls….the boxers!

I would really love to have an island like this one at home – now that’s what I call a waterfall counter!

And my favorite of all – when I remodel this is my guide…

xo Christi

(1-5) from Peacock Cabinetry (6-10) from Traditional Home (11) Victoria Hagan and (12-14) http://www.hookedonhouses.net and (15-16) http://www.pinterest.com

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