The Doors

September 25, 2011

No, I’m not talking about Jim Morrison and crew…it’s all about the house.

Take a look at all the images I found on my new website addiction:  Pinterest.  I spend WAY too much time on that addictive site but boy does it make me happy looking at so many lovely photos.

Black doors – they look fantastic, especially in gloss:

Even better with metal studs!

White Doors ~ Timeless!

Where is Alice & Wonderland?

Colors ~ A rainbow of choices.

Neutral Tones and Rustic Wood ~ Always a Favorite!

Doors can even be furniture ~ check out the Headboard!

All images from my friends at Pinterest.  If you own images or know who does please be sure to leave comments below.  We don’t want anyone to lose credit for the lovely photos!!

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xo Christi

PS – If I have your curiosity up about Pinterest be sure to read this week’s blog about it.  I’ll be posting in the next day or two all about it.

One Response to “The Doors”

  1. Robin Rowe Says:

    Love all the doors!!

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