Is your office too noisey?

October 18, 2011

We have a client who is struggling with the acoustics in their office – conversations in adjoining rooms and hallways space can be heard and have become a distraction.  In our quest to find the perfect solution, we came across a really cool – environmentally friendly product:  TRAULLIT DEKOR.

This clever and decorative sound absorbing material is made out of woodwool cement board.  The designers of the product (we love their name) are Form Us With Love said “We were looking into manufacturers of woodwool cement board in order to install it in our new studio.  It’s an interesting material; simple, good looking and environmental friendy. Besides, we needed to stop the echoing.”  

In addition to be moisture regulating, heat collecting, fireproof and emitting low emissions – its sound absorbing!  According to their website:   The open material structure reduces reflection of sound and makes Träullit Dekor a good sound absorber. The material dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces.

Not to mention it’s really fun too!  Check out photos of the hexagons installed in retail, restaurants and offices:




Wood and wool mixed with cement on as it enters the machine in their processing plant in Österbymo, Sweden.

The finished product waiting to be lacquered (it comes in great colors!)




xo Christi

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