Bachelor Brave in Atlanta

October 22, 2011

When baby brother makes the commitment to buy his first bachelor pad, I couldn’t resist the invitation to visit his new hometown (Atlanta, Georgia) for an Urban Upfit.

We refer to baby brother as Uncle Matt.  He was given that name by my parents (when our son was born) in honor of the great movie Uncle Buck.  Uncle Matt is equally (if not superiorly – is that a word?) as cool as Uncle Buck.  Why?  Because he makes movies and TV shows.  This, in my children’s eyes, makes him the royalty of our family.  Now the latest and greatest in our family is his work on The Walking Dead – one of this season’s hottest shows.   This is him on set (he has the blue shirt on):

As quickly as I could I was headed down I-85 to Atlanta.   First thing Saturday morning we catch up to see his new place, a building packed with charm and character – hardwood floors, beautiful moldings, and plaster walls.  The complex is full of young urban-esque couples and singles making the weekend scene look like something out of today’s version of Melrose Place.

Our goal was a no-brainer: figure out the living room which had nothing in it.  Uncle Matt has a collection of movie posters that he loves so we decided to take one poster in particular and base the room around that.  This was after discussing his desire for a more modern vibe reminiscent of the Bond movies filmed in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The poster that made the final cut was “Out of Sight” (a George Clooney movie).  I loved it’s color scheme of gray, white, yellow and orange.

Our first stop is By Design, a nice home furnishings store with great modern furniture.  Within five minutes we find a white leather sectional perfect for his room and bingo we have a plan. Uncle Matt loves the clean lines and the comfort factor.  From there (among various other stores) we find a console for the TV, a rug, artwork, a floor lamp and so on.  By late afternoon my (very patient) son was ready for a shopping break and needed a fun diversion.  The Atlanta Aquarium won top pick and it was so worth it.  Luckily we had enough time to squeeze in the Coke Museum too.  Here are the boys out front of the Coke museum and inside gleefully enjoying the Taste Testing room.

By the end of the day we had a good idea of where we thought the room was headed.  This is a quick concept page on the Urban Upfit – shopped and figured out in less than 3 hours!!

A few weeks later Uncle Matt sent me the first few photos of his room re-do.  With cash in pocket and a shopping list in hand he pulled the trigger on the sofa, tv console, area rug and floor lamp.  I think baby brother did a fantastic job, don’t  you?

xo Christi

One Response to “Bachelor Brave in Atlanta”

  1. Robin Rowe Says:

    Loved reading this! I know Matt appreciated all your help. What a great tribute to your brother.

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