Meet our intern Dawnee……

November 2, 2011

That’s right.  We have had TWO interns this fall!

My name is Dawnee Driscoll and I am currently a senior at High Point University and I am from Richmond, VA.

I grew up around the design world because my grandpa was an architect and designed many of the buildings in my home town. My mom also drew up floor plans and often assisted my grandpa in his designs. He died when I was young so I didn’t get as much exposure as I would have liked but I decided I wanted to follow in his footsteps and follow my dreams of interior design.

Since beginning college I have worked the furniture market with Nautica and helped design their showroom for both pre- and market week. My next step of course was to get an internship that could help develop my knowledge of the design business. Now, of course, I am an intern at Barbour Spangle Design Group which has shown me different aspects of how to work as a team and that being a designer can be fun sometimes rather than always being stressed out. It really made me look forward to being in the work field and more comfortable with how business is run. It has also helped me in various school projects because I know which companies to use and which fabrics go well with different pieces of furniture. Barbour Spangle has also shown me different techniques to transform a space that I would have never thought of on my own. Overall, this internship has been really beneficial to me and now I can move on with high confidence in what I am pursuing.

My next journey is going to Graduate School in London, England. I want to get my masters in some field of interior design and then come back to New York and work for a major firm. I have very ambitious future plans and can’t wait to become an interior designer.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Dawnee here with us this fall! We wish her all the luck in the world during her last semester at HPU and during her time in London.  Are you interested in completing an internship at BSD??  Send our internship coordinator Brianne an email at

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