November 5, 2011

Great design suckers me in everytime:  add a fun creative element and good hair to the mix and I am hooked.

The first time I was exposed to the DRYBAR we were walking along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.  I was immediately drawn to it – took a photo – and posted the fun find in my Beverly Hills Window Shopping.

I just came across some really great photos on DDI of The Dry Bar’s NYC studio and thought I would share:

I love the personal ipod docking station so you can charge your iphone and listen to music while you wait.

This wall reminds me of the tufted design by modular arts.  You can find it here.

This is what caught my eye in Hollywood – a blow dryer chandelier.  Genius.

I am digging that while the rest of the space is soft, serene and lightly colored – the bathroom is dramatic with punches of that bold yellow.

Who wouldn’t want to stop by this cleverly designed spot?  The next time I am in NYC I’ll be looking for the team at The Dry Bar to blow me away….literally.
Photos were found at ddi online and list Paul Rivera and Clark Dugger as photographers. You can click here to see all their images.

xo Christi

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One Response to “BLOW ME AWAY The Dry Bar”

  1. Robin Says:

    Too Cute, as often as I get my hair cut would be fun to be there!

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