Behind the Scenes ~ A wedding to remember {part I}

November 8, 2011

Anytime we have lots of flowers in the office its a pretty special day.  But when those flowers are for one of your very own – it takes your game to an entirely new level.

The day Bri told us she was getting married was probably one of the happiest days our office has seen.  You can imagine lots of gals – all of whom consider themselves like older sisters – whooping and squealing with delight over this good news.  Needless to say it was never a question or discussion of WHO was going to handle the wedding; it was simply a matter of HOW.  Bri had a very clear vision of what she wanted {note: we love to have clients who have clear vision of their likes/dislikes} and that made it easy because she knew what she wanted and didn’t mind the time and effort it required to create it.

Our job was pretty simple:  support and show up.  The rest just worked itself out.  Now don’t get me wrong:  on wedding day there were lots of – shall we say – superlatives used (and not the kind your grammar teacher taught you) to go along with the pounding hearts, racing time clock and stressed out team.  This is when a video crew rather than a few photos for a blog would have been priceless.  But not for why you might think.  The moments of  pyscho-holy-crap-are-we-ever-gonna-get-this-done kind of crazy minutes throughout the day were not from lack of direction or design; we simply wanted it to be perfect, and just the way Brianne imagined. So you could say it was a labor of love.  Literally.

Our Wedding Day Setup began weeks before with “The Event” meetings.  Brianne went over her notebook and the orders she placed, we brainstormed about ideas on what could be done and how to pull it off in the time we had to do it and we made suggestions on things to get or how to do it for less.

Next stop:  Logistics.

The day before the wedding we started with transporting the large floral delivery from our office over to WinMock to see the space inside {I knew I would sleep better after knowing what I was facing!}  We had been by a couple of times while they were renovating but I have to admit – when we pulled up and all the landscaping was complete, the flowers planted, the fresh new paint….my breath was taken away.  This was going to be nothing short of spectacular.

If you know Bri you know she loves GREEN so it was no surprise her flowers were all green and white.  Here is our handcart with the fresh flower delivery ready to be taken to my car:

(sorry for the bad iphone photos!)

You can’t go wrong with Maggie B’s sweets – a large delivery was exactly what we needed to get the party started!

Maggie B’s cute packaging {I’m convinced} is what sold Bri first, then one bite and she discovered heaven on earth!

After loading my car the next step was to head to WinMock.  The staff there was incredibly friendly and helped us unload my car and safely store all the flowers and other wedding goodies.

The next morning my first stop was our friend Sami Price at Just Priceless.  She was in charge of the boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets {thank goodness}!

Sami was kind enough to meet me very early {it’s so nice to have friends – it makes the world a better place} and even help me load the car!

Having just loaded my car we evaluate the situation and decide the box is pretty accurate!

Stay tuned – wedding day set up to come!

xo Christi

Photo credits:

All really crappy iphone photos I will proudly claim.  All the lovely professional images from WinMock came from their website photo page which you can find here.

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