From Sketch to Reality

November 19, 2011

Recently Hubby and I were out to dinner with some clients who – lucky for us – have become good friends.  During dinner Mr. Client shared a story with Hubby about this time I was trying to help him understand and visualize a design idea.  He goes on to explain that while I was talking I was sketching at the same time – but he couldn’t quite figure out what on earth I was drawing until I was almost finished and then he realized I was drawing it upside down, facing him.  I have to admit I didn’t even realize I draw upside down but it doesn’t surprise me – sketches are one of my primary methods of communication on our job sites.

I was reminded of this story last night when I was running through my photos on my iphone and found several “after” shots of things that had been built according to a sketch that originated in my head.  I thought it would be fun to share those with you.  I hope you like them and if you do – please tell us, comment or “like” the post!  We really appreciate it!!

This project is in a private den where we wanted to incorporate some personal mementos as well as light the space.  The space had been transformed from what was the old dining room.


The concept sketch:

The installation:

Note:  in addition to painting the room a nice rich chocolate brown, we also replaced the hardwoods to match the rest of the floor and added brass accents.  Beautiful knobs by Hamilton Sinkler, a prized antique gun case and family momentos finished this bookshelf to perfection.

In this bathroom space was not an issue so we wanted to create something special for the tub surround.  This was especially important because of the way you walk into the bathroom the end of the tub is the first thing you see.  I drew up something quickly for our cabinet maker to see if he could even attempt a design I had in mind.  Lucky for us we have a great team and our cabinet guy was all over it. The space was originally a bedroom so we tore that out – here it is during construction:

Here is my sketch:

With a few minor modifications… the finished design:

In the same bathroom we needed to come up with a custom vanity that incorporated good use of storage, a flat mount TV and  curling iron and hair dryer drawers that integrated power for those items.

The space:

The sketch:

And the finished installation – now keep in mind this is not in completed form!  We are saving the good photos for what we will hopefully be able to share with you via a beautiful magazine story!

Then there was the time that we needed to get a TV above the oven yet not have it look like an afterthougt in a space that was too big.  So – we created a false panel back, a cookbook shelf and an appropriately sized TV.

The problem:

The solution:

The finished product:

These great solutions could not have been accomplished without our skilled cabinet makers and contractors working on our projects.  Special thanks to each of you – we appreciate all you do!

I have dozens (and I mean dozens) of sketches and before & after photos like these but I don’t want to bore you – so if you want to see more be sure to let me know in the comments below!

xo Christi
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3 Responses to “From Sketch to Reality”

  1. Robin Says:

    Love the transformation!

  2. Chuck Portaro Says:

    Loved these! “Before” and “After” photos show the possibilities most can’t imagine.
    Chuck Portaro

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