Family Owned Business Has a Generous Heart

December 5, 2011

In times like these, it’s nice to know nice bosses still exist.

York Wallcovering is one of our go-to suppliers for wallcovering (they have beautiful products – see the images below).  When we found out what York Wallcovering owner Carl Vizzi did for his employee’s this holiday season, well suffice it to say we just had to share!!

In addition to great looking wallpaper – this family owned and operated company put’s employee’s first!

What started out as a dismal day for York employees (who thought they were in a meeting to go over rising healthcare costs) turned out to be one great big hoax.   Mr. Vizzi quickly let employee’s know that certainly wasn’t the case and loaded them onto a bus for a shopping day at Macy’s Department Store, including a $200 gift card to spend on themselves!!  What fun!!

The article below is from their local York Dispatch and written by Christina Kauffman.  Since the video and our blog don’t seem to be playing nicely with one another – I’ll post the video in a separate format so be sure to check it out!!

Employees at York Wallcoverings will be paying more than double for their health benefits next year.

Just kidding, and so was company owner Carl Vizzi. He surprised more than 250 employees with a $50,000 shopping spree at Macy’s Thursday.

Employees of the York-based manufacturer were told a meeting was being held to discuss a substantial increase in employee health insurance contributions for the coming year.

After he solemnly delivered the news, Vizzi told employees there was no way he could do that to them, and that he was instead taking all of them shopping, said Bruce Cowen, director of operations for commercial business at the plant.

Vizzi did this to three rounds of employees, then loaded each group onto buses headed to Macy’s at West Manchester Mall. Each employee was given a $200 gift card and told to spend it on himself or herself within an hour.

Macy’s set the festive mood with balloons, gift bags, and party music and provided bottled water to keep employees hydrated.

Store staff cheered and hollered, greeting buses as they started rolling in at 11:30 a.m., and gave the employees an extra 25 percent discount, York Wallcoverings employees said.

Store vice president and manager Cynthia Geiser said the $50,000 spree wasn’t the store’s best day of business, but Vizzi is now the store’s largest single customer.

As the plant’s employees flooded the store, women headed in groups to winter coats and accessories and men spread out in several departments.

Randy Phillips, 22, works in the manufacturer’s surface department. His work clothing covered in paint as he walked about the store, he said it would be hard to spend the money on himself. He was thinking about getting a toy for his son.

Senior accountant Theresa Cox, who lives in Lancaster County, bought a Calvin Klein coat and a pair of gloves.

“This is really fun,” she said. “It was a big surprise. Just a nice thing to do.”

Vizzi, standing in front of the store as employees shopped inside, said he didn’t want the focus of the day to be placed on him.

“This is a reward for everyone’s hard work and effort, their dedication to the company,” he said.

Vizzi’s daughter, Ashley Vizzi, said the purchases will be taken, wrapped, and given to employees at a holiday party later this month.

Cowan said the generous gesture surprised him, as the economy has forced cutbacks to some company expenditures. York Wallcoverings has been, however, growing because of an increase in overseas business.

It’s also accepting applications for new employees.

– Reach Christina Kauffman at 505-5436,, or follow her on Twitter at @dispatchbizwiz.

For a link to the York Dispatch article click here.

Note:  All images are from the York Wallcovering website and can be purchased through your local York Wallcovering distributor.  To find yours, click here.

Don’t forget to see our next post that includes the video on the York Wallcovering employee’s shopping spree!!



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  1. Robin Rowe Says:

    Nice!! Things must be going well.

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