Wednesday Wisdom – Question of the Day

December 7, 2011

Welcome to our Wednesday Wisdom column!

We are very excited you are here and look forward to receiving more decorating and design questions in the weeks/months to come.

This week one of our readers posed this question:
“When painting a room with angled or sloped ceilings (such as a playroom), do you paint the slopes like the ceiling or do you paint them like the walls?”

This is a great question and has an equally great answer:  It depends!

More often than not, we do the ceiling color.  Take for instance my own playroom – The ceiling is a BIG part of the room and painting it out as the  walls (if I had chosen a color) would have really closed the room in.  So I made the walls AND the ceiling on the long part of the room the same color then I put a (chalkboard) accent on the far end walls.

I found other examples of keeping the sloped part the ceiling color on my favorite visual website Pinterest:

It seems more often than not ~ we carve out room in the attic/eave space of our homes for playrooms (just like me).  Check out all these fun slope ceiling playrooms!

This playroom goes opposite but cleverly with very light colors so it still works.

So as you can see the ceiling color works great.  However there are times when painting the slope ceiling the wall color makes more sense.  Designer Christi Spangle said “If the wall color is light and there is a good amount of natural light in the room then I would usually go with the wall color.  This give more importance to the walls than the ceiling.”

We recently completed a project where we have a great example of this.  We actually created a sloped ceiling.  The ceiling height in this hallway was so low due to some roof constratins above.  With some clever work on the contractor’s part, we were able to raise part of the ceiling but not all of it.  To help visually raise the height even more we painted only the flat part white and the rest of the space the wall color.  It turned out to be a very nice space!

BEFORE (from North end)

AFTER (from South end)

As you can see from the photos (taken from two different sides of the hallway) – by slightly raising the ceiling and painting out the slope part of the ceiling the wall color, it gives the illusion the walls are much taller than they really are.

We look forward to receiving more of your design or decorating questions in the coming weeks or months.  Please feel free to email me directly or leave your comments on our blog.


Christi B

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