“Not” Weed

December 8, 2011

During the 2011 ASID Fall Conference in Asheville, NC our team had the opportunity to participate in a community service event hosted by RiverlinkRiverlink is a regional non-profit foundation spearheading the economic and environmental  revitalization of the French Broad River and its tributaries as a place to work, live and play.

As willing participants, we took the drive up to the River Arts District where we were immediately captivated by all the art galleries and studios.  We very briefly contemplated skipping the community service project and heading out shopping, but we quickly came to our senses and found ourselves on the French Broad riverbank.  Before we knew it we were knee deep  in dirt as we attempted to eradicate the very invasive weed known as Knotweed -we loving referred to it as “not” weed until learning it’s proper spelling- that was quickly taking over the riverbank.

Not exactly what one would expect from attending an ASID conference but it turned out to be a wonderful day of networking with each other as well as doing something very important to maintain the beautiful riverbanks of the French Broad River.

The site was previously home to an auto mechanics shop.  Throughout our dig we found several old metal gears and fittings.  It was like our own archeological dig.

Thanks to the kind people at Riverlink for allowing us to participate!

After our hot, humid and dirty service project we rewarded ourselves with a pint (or two) from local brewery Wedge.  Delicious beer and cool atmosphere in this pint size (nice pun-huh? :))  brewery.  The large old loft building was full of art galleries with the brewery in the bottom right side.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my hubby and I made a trip back to Asheville to explore all of the galleries/studios and then we headed downtown for some window shopping.  The colorful studio exteriors really caught our eye.

Although, we did not make any purchases during our trip except for a delicious lunch at Clingman Cafe and a few local beers at Greenman Brewery we truly enjoyed the atmosphere, galleries and artist in Asheville.  Next time you are in Asheville we definitely recommend checking out the River Arts District!


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