Wednesday Wisdom

December 14, 2011

Dear Design Loft,

We are getting ready to redecorate our living room and I am not sure how to pick my paint color.  What best determines the paint color of our room?

Thank you, Color Clueless

That’s a great question!  So many times I hear people randomly select a paint color because they “like” it without giving any consideration to the room or the belongings that make it feel like home.  Since there is literally a rainbow of paint colors available to choose from I prefer you start by looking at other elements in your room.

1.  The furniture in your room.   Typically the largest items in your room are either the upholstery or the bed.  Take a cue from the fabrics on those items to inspire your wall color.

Photo:  Pinterest

Photo: Veranda

2.  Highlight an accessory you love.  No matter if it’s an item in your room, from your closet or even jewelery – accessories you are drawn to can inspire your color scheme.

Photo: Pinterest

3.  Pull a color from a piece of artwork.  Regardless if its a soft neutral or a bold hue.

Photo:  Pinterest

4.  Be inspired by your rug.  Even though this image is from a retail store it shows you how the kelly green in the rug inspired the blue and green color combo on the walls.

Photo:  Lonny Magazine

5.  Pick your favorite color.  Ok – so maybe that’s not a bad thing, just embrace it with full passion!

Photo:  Elle Decor

6.  Use a classic color combination.  There are plenty out there…blue and white is one that always rises to the top.

Photo:  Atlanta Home Magazine

7. Embrace neutral.  No, white (or shades thereof) are not a color however they make a great backdrop to your precious belongings.

Photo:  Lonny Magazine

8.  Take your cue from your closet.  Yes, you read that right.  Go in your closet and see what colors inspire you – or use your favorite outfit combination to inspire your choices.

Photo:  Pinterest

Photo:  Pinterest

Hope that helps you Color Clueless!  More Wednesday Wisdom Questions wanted – keep them coming!  We will be announcing a fun giveaway related to our Wednesday Wisdom column soon!



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