Destination: Inspiration ~ De Laurentiis Style

December 17, 2011

On any given night at our house you will find Food Network on our TV with my daughter in front of it, willingly.   At the ripe old age of eight she is already telling me how to grate, simmer, blanch, poach, baste and julienne.  In fact one day this week as we were driving down the road she asked me where we could buy cheesecloth!  Go figure.   She is most assuredly, on her way to Food Network stardom!

As Food Network junkies, we obviously have our favorites and Giada DeLaurentiis is no doubt at the top of our list.  We watch her segments on the TODAY show, we have her cookbooks and we most definitely watch Giada At Home.   It thrills Mini-Me that her cute little daughter Jade even appears on her show.

Image in our delight when my Architectural Digest arrived featuring Giada’s home inside!  We were so excited I could not wait to share with you!

The kitchen shots puzzled Mini-Me, she was sure that when we see Giada At Home that the kitchen is where she lived.  I tried explaining the concept of “set design” but it was no use – kind of like explaining buerre blanc to someone who does not cook.



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4 Responses to “Destination: Inspiration ~ De Laurentiis Style”

  1. Robin Says:

    Love this on Mini-me!!
    She will be cooking this Christmas I’m sure!

  2. Lillian Says:

    Mini-me is precious! Love her spunk! Blessings for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  3. Emily Wilson Says:

    gorgeous spaces…I love her modern style.

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