Behind the Scenes of Set Design

February 11, 2012

For those of you who read our blog regularly enough, you probably remember my brother “Uncle Matt” makes movies. He is a behind the scenes kind of guy. I started my carreer behind the scenes too, set design that is. That’s why I remain fascinated by photo, tv and film sets.

I spent some time this morning gathering some of my favorite behind-the-scene- shots.   I found Elle Decor to have a wealth of images featuring some of the mega-hits in Hollywood. See if you can guess what movie or tv show some of these famous sets are from!

You can get a table like this – a Saarinen classic Tulip dining table made by Knoll – through Hive Modern for $1807

For an Indian inspired mirror like the one Julia Roberts is looking into take a look at our friends at Serena and Lily for a great option.

This kitchen set is the center of a lot of action in the movie it’s home to.  To recreate the look of the marble top island look no further than Crate & Barrel at their French Kitchen Island.

The movie filmed here chilled me to my bones.  It’s black and white tone is a chilling backdrop to the story line.  The black and white abstract art really anchors the room.  This piece by Leftbank Art is 54″ square and can be purchased through us for $325.

This “love to hate her” film had many scenes filmed within the walls of this office.  To find an option to a great desk like her check out CB2’s Tesso Desk for $329

Artwork found throughout the set of this very funny movie is by artist Kenton Nelson (look in the background at the foyer).   You can learn more about Kenton’s work here.

The sofa in this fashion-diva living room is by Mantauk Sofa and the fun floral pillow is by The Rug Company.

This image {from Apartment Therapy} is the bedroom setting to an eternal love story.  To get a desk chair like Edwin’s try a Walnut Eames DCW desk chair available through ALL MODERN.

Lighting this great is all you need in a room and Lindsey Adelman is the resource to find it.

This is the set that I watch most every morning learning the events of the day.  The backdrop to the sofa area could also serve as a great room divider.  3Form offers ready made solutions in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

So, how did you do?  Take a peek at the movie and tv names to see if you guessed right!

1.  Mad Men

2. Eat, Pray, Love

3.  It’s Complicated

4.  Sleeping With The Enemy

5.  Devil Wears Prada

6.  Something’s Gotta Give

7.  Sex & The City 2

8.  New Moon

9.  Sex & The City 2

10.  The Today Show

As you can see, our favorite on screen world can certainly influence your real world!  If you find that a movie or tv show really inspires you – do some research and find out what items are in those spaces.  That information may very well help you put together the room – or home – of your dreams!

Have a great weekend,

xo Christi

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