Room Rave ~ The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

February 21, 2012

Last week took me yet again to Las Vegas on business.  The trip included two highlights:  a stay at the new hotel The Cosmopolitan and Elton John, live(!)

The hotel – one of Las Vegas’ newest additions – is a chic designed, urban eclectic mix of retail, restaurants and room designs.  The exterior was tough to get a good photo of so I searched online to find these for you:

The interior public spaces of the hotel were so interesting and varied that they are worth a blog dedicated to just them so stay tuned ~ my next trip back I’ll take the time to get photos of the public (very interesting) spaces!

Today I’ll focus on my room on the 25th floor.

The bed wall:

The desk wall:

The desk:

The nightstand and room control (that nifty thing that looks like a phone):

The closet (I know – interesting, right?)

Well fooled you!  Slide the door to the left and now you have the entrance to the bathroom!

The inside of that closet was pretty fun too!  Orange coat hangers and “face” wallpaper:

The peek-a-boo shower.  This is the view from the bedroom looking into the bath/shower area:

Drop the shades down and you get the peek-a-boo affect (rather than the full show)!

Twist the cord then you can’t see a thing:

The beds had a great looking navy blue blanket that gave off an equestrian vibe:

The bathroom was nice and streamlined.  One of my favorite plumbing lines – Kalista – was used throughout:

The wallpaper from a distance appeared to be this great bold black and white graphic:

But up close the pattern was actually quite provocative:

It kind of reminded me of the old Charlie’s Angels logo!

Or the ever-famous James Bond movies:

Great goodies from spa company C.O. Bigelow lined the shower shelves:

The well-placed trunk is just inside the front door – a perfect place for luggage!

And last was my incredible view – overlooking the Strip, Paris and the Bellagio Fountains!

Like I mentioned, my other highlight was attending a live performance by Elton John, Million Dollar Piano!

Happy Traveling everyone!

xo Christi

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Note:  I was so busy while there that I was only able to photograph my room at night!

Photo credits:  1.  AskMen  2. GetARoom  3-15, 18-20 by me, 16, 17. UniveralExports and 21. Million Dollar Piano Facebook Page.

7 Responses to “Room Rave ~ The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas”

  1. Robin Says:

    How exciting, would have loved to tag along!!!

  2. susan Says:

    WOW, oh, WOW !

  3. Very good post with a lot of beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work!

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  4. […] The rooms, stylish and modern (and not in that “Let’s put a fur covered chaise lounge in the middle of the suite” sort of way,) are well appointed with the most interesting wall paper I’ve ever seen in a hotel bathroom. (To see what I mean, check out some pics here!) […]

  5. jarrodonline Says:

    I realize its been a year since this post but I recently stayed at the Cosmopolitan. I wrote about it and also included a link to your post here. The bathroom wall paper did indeed make me smile. And you have some great pics up. What a beautiful blog you have!

    If interested, you can check out my post here.

  6. Christi Says:

    Thanks so much everyone for all your comments and especially the blog post link!

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