Bachelor Brave Part II

March 11, 2012

For those of you who check in often enough you probably remember my summer visit to Baby Bro to help out with his first new pad in Atlanta {Bachelor Brave}.  In two short days we whipped his bedroom and living room into shape by shopping, designing, measuring and selecting anything and everything from furniture to art to lighting for his new digs.

Fast forward six months later and the list has been checked off.  His scorecard so far?  A+!

Check out the great job he did arranging a wall of comic book sketches!

Now that things have settled down a bit, he is ready to move on to the dining area.   No formal room in this bachelor pad!  Baby Bro wants a casual seating area that he can feel equally comfortable having a sandwich solo or entertaining friends.  The space adjacent to his kitchen has a nice corner wall, perfect for a banquette.

To inspire him I sent him a handful of images I found on Pinterest.  Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand (million) words.

I sent this image because of the clean white backdrop and hardwood floors.  I knew he would be able to relate to this.

I like the simple blue and white theme of this shot from Pinterest.  Baby Bro could easily mimic this with an orange and white theme.

This monochromatic scheme works well.  I love the pendant.

Sometimes simple is best.  This Tulip table shape is so easy to find these days.

Lovin’ the Bertolli inspired wire chairs:

Thinking about a guy who can do anything, I included this shot for the simple banquette design.  Baby Bro might end up making this himself!

I had to include this image simply for all the fun color!

I have always LOVED this photo.  It originated from my favorite magazine Canadian House & Home and I came across it again tonight on Pinterest.  I especially wanted him to see the storage under the banquette since the only downside to his great condo is lack of closet space.

Love it.  Period.


He wanted to know about adding a pop of color to tie the orange and gray we started in the living room into the kitchen.  This pillow from Etsy could pull it all together so well.

I also love this VW bug pillow from Etsy.  We had a navy blue “vanagon” growing up that remained the butt of jokes long after it was gone!  I couldn’t help but incorporate this….

This fun industrial inspired pendant light from West Elm would work well with the overall look and feel of his condo.

Talk about B.A.R.G.A.I.N.  This Docksta tulip table from Ikea is only $179!

These fun Wegner Wishbone chairs from Room & Board are probably a little out of the price range at $727 each but I love the pop of orange!

Happy Weekend everyone!

xo Christi

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