Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

March 13, 2012

Lately it seems as if I have been on a plane, train or automobile more than in the office however that’s ok with me.  Why?  The more I get out and see, go and do – the more I am exposed to great design and inspiring ideas.

Decorating Diva Bunny Williams (whom I just heard speak last week in LA at the Bloggers Conference) so eloquently said:  “Get out and see the world.”  Bunny, I am taking your advice.

Take for instance last weekend. Hubby and I took the kids to Pinehurst for the day Saturday.  While we were there I made a quick stop at a project to select paint colors with the client.   Check out my new gadget crush INSTAGRAM.  It makes any photo look amazing.  Even a paint stick!

A few weeks ago I was in Charleston, SC.  That city is FULL of inspiration and worthy of a blog post all on it’s own.  Our weather that day was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. and so were the streets of Charleston.  This photo I took on King Street doesn’t even look real does it?  The colors on those buildings would make great wall colors.

I had no idea we were in the midst of a male-model until our friend jumped in the Louis Vuitton front window for a quick VOGUE.  And by the way…that LV trunk inspired some of the best closet designs, ever.

Not too far up the road is a lovely little town by the name of Pawley’s Island.  You may have heard of them, they make hammocks – loads of them.

Wouldn’t this hammock swing chair make a great addition to a play room??

Then there was my recent trip to LA.  I managed to get out of the hotel for a quick lunch on Sunset Boulevard at La Petit Four.  I sat by a producer for the new series Fashion Show making my lunch feel more like an Episode of Entourage rather than my life!

The conference I was attending was in the lovely Millennium Biltmore Hotel.  The historic grandeur of this property was awe inspiring.

Not too far from LA is the wildly inspiring city of Las Vegas.  My last trip included a stay at The Cosmopolitan (see that Room Rave here).  The entrance from the parking garage had these fantastic ceiling panels with a tone-on-tone scroll design.  I would love to see this application on a wall somewhere.

And not too long ago a design trip down to Atlanta included a quick stop at the Georgia Aquarium.  I discovered that watching all those fish gracefully swim through the water was not only therapeutic but also a great source of color inspiration.  The vibrant blues, yellows, greens and purples made me delight in nature’s awe-inspiring majesty!

As you can see ~ everywhere you look, anywhere you go, you can find inspiration in some form or fashion!   So don’t blink ~ or you just might miss your next best idea!

Thanks Bunny!

xo Christi

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