Barbour Spangle Gives Back to High Point

March 30, 2012

As part of our continued efforts to give back to the community that we reside and conduct business in, we have teamed up with High Point’s The City Project to provide building makeover’s to business owners in the Core City areas.  This is very exciting because it gives us the opportunity to share our creative vision with the businesses we patronize and drive by every day.

Our very first project was self selected.  We wanted to show The City Project an example of what we could provide to local businesses that would both inspire and excite them to invest in an exterior renovation.  We selected local health food store The Only Earth to use as our example.

This is the store as it stands today:

The Only Earth - Before

The Only Earth, High Point
Image taken 2011

Inspired by what is going on around us in the world today – the focus on organic and sustainable living and raising our children with healthier standards – we believed that this store could continue to service it’s existing clientele yet at the same time attract an entirely new generation who is focused on healthier lifestyles.

Additionally, we felt like this could potentially be a destination to enjoy the beautiful weather we are so fortunate to have in North Carolina by creating a place to sit down outside and have a drink, snack and read your favorite health based magazine.  These thoughts and inspirations led us to design an organic design with elements of urban lifestyle living {think about walking over to pick up your vitamins, fresh produce for dinner and enjoy a bottle of juice before walking home}.

Organic elements were used to update the existing facade without making major structural changes.
Greenscaping around the perimeter - both with pots and with plantings -
provide a softer visual as well as shade.

Dimensional bold letters on the face of the building provide good signage and a clean aesthetic.

The welcoming entrance includes an awning over the doors flanked by fresh greenery planters.
The signage wall to the right of the door is a rock wall accent with a built in planter.
All design elements were intentionally selected to have an organic look and feel.

The side patio provided an opportunity to to sit down and enjoy the NC weather as well as shade for what is otherwise a sun-beaten parking lot.

This of course was a hypothetical design to visually demonstrate what can be done with a building located in the Core City project area.  This was not provided as a final drawing or rendering design that The Only Earth plans to implement….not yet anyway!

The March/April 2012 Volume 2 City Project flyer What’s Up High Point states the following:

Property Makeovers

The City Project and local design firm, Barbour Spangle Design, have teamed up and are ready to makeover local businesses in the Southside, Washington Street and Uptowne districts. The Property Makeover Program, created by the partnership, offers a property makeover opportunity for local businesses. Barbour Spangle Design, a boutique design studio whose approach is to create exceptional solutions for their client’s environment, will complete building makeover drawings at a nominal price to The City Project. The makeovers, which are normally in the $750 – $950 plus range, are available to property and/or business owners of the target areas.The City Project funded program is available for up to 10 businesses. Interested? Call or email Wendy Fuscoe NOW 336/883.8547 or

If you know anyone who is interested be sure to share this link!

xo Christi

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2 Responses to “Barbour Spangle Gives Back to High Point”

  1. Chuck Portaro Says:

    This is a wonderful assist to hopefully stimulate continued improvement for High Point! I can think of no better example to demonstrate your point. I realize businesses must justify such expenditures, but the irony here is that the current facade of this health food/products store actually looks “very unhealthy”! Creating a healthy, organic exterior would go a long way in drawing new clientele to this business. Waiting for business to return when the economy improves will ultimately be the demise of many businesses unwilling to reinvent and/or reinvigorate their image in the interim. The Grassy Knoll understood this “at the get go”……

  2. Lillian Wallis Says:

    Wow! This may be a hypothetical design, but I am hopeful the owner(s) of The Only Earth will seriously consider and select your design! It would be a wonderful visual improvement to this area of business! I’m sure it would also encourage new clients! Great work!

    Lillian Wallis, formerly with Inlite Corporation
    Lillian, Lighting by design

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