Outdoor Living Room

April 4, 2012

Are you looking for some additional square footage but not sure where to get it?  Look no further than your backyard!

We are working on a project in Pinehurst, NC, golf capital of the world.  The project includes creating an outdoor living room – we are pretty excited about the progress so far and thought we would share.

Keep in mind this is mid-stream and we have not installed the new furniture, planters or greenery.  Even so….it was too good to keep to ourselves!

This is the back of the house before we tore out all the walls and screens to open up what was a dark and small porch. Our contractor (and model) is explaining the process.

You know we don’t like to give away too much prior to the true “finish” of a project.  The photos below were sent by our contractor and give you a glimpse into what we have been able to create without giving too much away, wink wink.

The new patio extends beyond (what was) the old porch to create a wonderful entertaining space. The house received a new coat of paint, brick columns, new lighting and a new concrete patio.

Can you figure out where our contractor was standing in the before photo?  It’s hard to believe this is the same house!

The new porch area.

We will be furnishing and accessorizing this new living area soon.  Once we do we will be sure to share the “official” after shots!

My search for new furniture has turned up some really cool new products on the market.  If you are looking for outdoor furniture be sure to stay tuned, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite outdoor finds soon!

xo Christi

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2 Responses to “Outdoor Living Room”

  1. Robin Rowe Says:

    WOW, I LOVE IT!!

  2. Laura Skinner Says:

    Love this room!
    Loomsource has some great outdoor fabrics if you need any 🙂

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