Meals On Wheels

April 5, 2012

The other night while at dinner with friends, we started talking about the increasing popularity of food trucks, especially those that are specialized.  I quickly took a look online and came across Saturday Night Foodies a blog written by husband and wife team Jason and Kim.  Their travels have taken them all over and in the process they have experienced some fun and (ahemm) u n u s u a l food trucks.

There is the Burger Bus.

The Crepes Bus – Oui Oui!

The Waffle Truck.

The Scottish Truck.

The Greek Truck.Then there is the (confused) Sushi Burrito Truck.

Patrons flock to these trucks for both the food and the experience.

As we talked about the increasing popularity of these trucks we came up with the idea:  What if someone created a really cool restaurant experience and combined it with the mobile ability of specialty food trucks.  We were convinced this was a genius idea!  All we needed was a motor coach, a great chef and a good design team (hmmm….wonder who?)

Sadly we were much too late.  The very next morning I was flipping through a magazine and you are never going to believe what I spotted!  No, Brad and Jenn are not getting back together.

A mobile restaurant!!  Wow oh Wow!


xo Christi

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