The City Project ~ Part II

April 13, 2012

I wanted to follow up to my earlier post about the High Point City Project since we just completed an exterior “ReVision” for one of the City Core buildings.

Meet the High Point Fine Art Guild.

“The HPFAG is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, which was formed in 1965.  The Guild is designed to bring together a network of artist and art lovers.  Their interest is the advancement of arts through art shows, art education, art workshops, art programs and collaboration with other cultural groups. Some of their focus areas will be to encourage the production of paintings, sculptures, photographer and other objects of art.”

We were approached to take a run down building on Centennial Street and turn it into a space that could host retail shops, offices, restaurant venues, showrooms and a coffee shop.

The building as it currently is from the North.

The building as it currently is from the South.

The entrance to the building - facing Centennial Street.

The design we developed:

The response we received when we presented the new design:

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SPEECHLESS!!!!!!

That my friends, is music to our ears.

xo Christi

2 Responses to “The City Project ~ Part II”

  1. Lillian Wallis Says:

    Christy! This is an “unbelievable” improvement! Great job! You’re tops!! Hope to see this improvement in the near future!

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