The City Project ~ Part III

June 21, 2012

As part of our ongoing commitment to High Point’s Core City program, we recently submitted a new design for Jackie’s Place, a new jazz venue in downtown High Point on Washington Street.  The building is currently being used as a daycare and meeting space and is named after our client Jackie’s late sister Lois Haizlip Powell.

Jackie’s vision for this building is to transform it into a fun and lively spot for jazz enthusiasts to come and enjoy live music from local and regional artists.  She plans to have an outside patio as well as a bar and stage on the interior.

Jackie’s Place as it currently is on Washington Street, 2012.

Jackie’s enthusiasm for this project and her description of what she wanted led to this inspiration board:

Our final submitted design:

Jackie’s Place
By Barbour Spangle Design

To our delight, once Jackie received the design she singing our praises (and it wasn’t the blues!):

“WOW!  Don’t know what I was expecting, but this is absolutely fabulous…  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!
Many thanks for all your time and efforts.  You truly nailed it.”

xo Christi B

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