Josephine’s Bistro ~ on target with the latest hospitality design trends

July 9, 2012

This morning I opened up a trend report from ASID highlighting trends in the hospitality industry, to my delight one of our recent projects was right on target!  The topic was from a roundtable discussion at the HD (Hospitality Design) Expo and was related to the trends industry experts are seeing in restaurant design.

The author of the article (whose name I could not locate anywhere!) talked about what is currently happening in the hospitality industry.  A few of these trends were incorporated into our design of Josephine’s Bistro located in Greensboro, NC.  To read the entire article click here.

As the article states:

New Face of Dining: The influx of technology has led to an outcry for meaningful products and experiences. Tom Savigaar, of the Future Laboratory, said that, especially after the recession, people want to know the history, the heritage of a product. Experiential, sense of place, local, comfortable—from fine dining to casual dining, those continue to be the key words. So much technology has led to want for less is more, which continues the trend of stripped back décor, the been there forever, authentic feel. Overall, the new generation of diners want an experience, where a sense of casual comfort reigns. Fine dining doesn’t and shouldn’t have to mean white table cloths and servers in tuxes; a stuffy atmosphere. Luxury can mean special ingredients, staff dressed more casual, yet still knowledgeable, and crafted cocktails.

Use of Art: …from the artwork, to the menus, to the music, it has to be a whole package. Let’s just say it has to be all about the details.We have seen many restaurants use artwork as an inexpensive solution to really capture the spirit of the design, chef, or the menu….

Josephine’s lives up to these attributes and then some. To see examples of the features I highlighted bold above, just take a look.

The building used to be a print shop.  At one time a roof-top bar was considered but a side patio/pergola turned out to be the best option for restaurant seating.  Large sunflower sculptures were handcrafted by a local artisan.

The table tops came from wood that originated off family property and was hand planed, sanded and finished.  Metal chairs, barstools and an exposed ceiling all lend an air of industrialism speaking to the HD articles comment on stripped back décor.

The wine cellar area was handcrafted of wood that came from a barn off the restaurant owner’s family farm.

The artwork by roweboat art is all photographic images of farm animals and local farms, printed in a sepia tone the images are in keeping with the overall neutral color scheme.

Custom menu boards highlight specials, facts and local information.

The best part about Josephine’s is the food.  If you have not been yet, be sure to get by and check it out!

Josephine’s Bistro
2417 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
phone: 336-285-6590

xo Christi

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