Reclaim & Reuse Display in Las Vegas

August 15, 2012

Hello to all!  While my blogging schedule has been quiet overt the last month, my travel schedule on the other hand has not.  Out of curiosity I looked at the calendar this morning and discovered that I was in town – safe and happy at home – TEN days out of the entire month of July!

One of my July trips was to the design-filled city of Las Vegas.  A city I like to say for designers, is like sending a kid to a theme-park made of nothing but candy, sugar and sweets with free rides and no lines.  It’s a city is filled with inspiration, over-the-top ideas and not to mention some really x-rated, card-flicking peddlers.  During my latest trip (there were two in July) I spent some time walking around the World Market Center during the semi-annual trade show.

One showroom I found particularly interesting was Four Hands.  We see so many tradeshows, retail stores, and design inspired interiors that sometimes it really is hard to hold my attention.  Four Hands did just that.  Why?  Because everything they used for display was recycled.

This wonderful wall was made out of paper bags!

These wrapping paper tubes make a great wall statement.

Ever wonder what to do with extra egg-crates?

Empty paint cans are a hazard and difficult to dispose of – this is a clever way to deal with them.

These books (with clever oragami-like page folding) look great as wall art.

Chicken wire and tissue paper – what a combo!

We are ever searching for the next great idea, color or source of inspiration for both existing and future projects.   It’s important to us that we stay fresh and current while remaining timeless and classic for our clients.  We remain committed to creating spaces as unique as the individuals that inhabit them and exceeding all expectations.

If we have exceeded your expectations please leave us a comment and tell us how.  If you like our designs, how about “LIKE” us on FaceBook?  Whatever trips your trigger…we just want to feel the love!


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One Response to “Reclaim & Reuse Display in Las Vegas”

  1. Robin Says:

    What a great recycling application !

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