ASFD Pinnacle Award

June 21, 2013

This week I had the distinct privilege to serve as a Pinnacle Award judge for the American Society of Furniture Designers.  It was such an honor to be in the company of the furniture industries leaders.

photo (138)For those of you unfamiliar with the Pinnacle Award, their website has the following statement:  “The Pinnacle Awards were created in April 1995 by the ASFD board of directors to promote design quality and encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry.The purpose of the Pinnacle Awards is to promote better design quality and to encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry.”  To learn more click here.

photo (139)

Our meeting took place at the Conference Center of High Point University.  It was a long day and as a designer that enters other design competitions (not the Pinnacle Award), I found myself being critical that each submission adhered to the strict guidelines the ASFD had in place.  I mean, if we have to follow the rules, shouldn’t everyone else?

There were some FANTASTIC entries and I can’t wait for the winners to be announced this fall at the October Furniture Market.  I am told it’s like the Academy Awards for the furniture industry.  Great.  Now I have an excuse to go buy a fancy new dress.  Do you think sequins would be too much?

Have a great weekend everyone. xo

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 9.36.11 PM


3 Responses to “ASFD Pinnacle Award”

  1. Robin Rowe Says:

    I am so PROUD of you for this honor!

    Sent from my iPhone Kindest Regards Robin Rowe

  2. Susan Allred Says:

    Megga congrats ! Have I ever mentionedI am proud of you? Funny, I have seen some fabulous dresses and said “wow this would be dynamite on Christi”. Pehaps your birthday gift (yet to be delivered) could assist a bit. Little bird said you are going to do Colonial C.C. You girls are something special in so very many ways. Yep, I’ll claim it—you are just the best ! S.

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