From the Outside Looking In (from an interns perspective…)

July 23, 2013

One of the things I love about my job is all the incredible talent in this industry that I am exposed to.  This includes industry leaders of course, but also our next generation of stars.  At BSD, we encourage students to participate in internships – no matter what their interest’s are or what they “think” they want to do.  It’s important to be exposed to the real world of design which means enjoying all the crazy-happy-fun-outrageous days as well as experience the stressful-deadline-driven-fast-paced-difficult days.  They all exist.

Our latest intern is Rebecca Yohn, affectionately known as Beckie.  She is completing her sixth and final week with us so we asked her to write about her experience.  This is what she had to say:

Hey everyone, I’m Beckie Yohn and I am an Interior Architecture student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro! I knew for a while that I wanted to attend UNCG because almost my entire family graduated from there, but I didn’t always know that I wanted to be an Interior Designer. It wasn’t until the 8th grade when my mom put the idea that I could be a designer when we were redecorating the living room and she recognized that I had a designer’s mind. After that, I became more interested in learning about color combinations and took Drafting classes in high school at Weaver Academy in Greensboro. After graduating high school from Greensboro College Middle College, I began my Interior Architecture degree at UNCG, where I learned how to be creative, design well, and think critically. But it wasn’t until I started my Internship with Barbour Spangle Design that I learned what true creativity, design, and fun really was.

I first heard about Barbour Spangle Design when my Professional Practice class organized a Design Day for some design firms to come to our school to review our portfolios, resumes, etc. My professor provided us with a list of firms that would be there, and I knew that after researching all of them, Barbour Spangle was the one for me. I knew that I would much rather be with an Interior Design firm than an Architectural firm, but once I looked into the design work they had completed. I begged my professor to schedule me an interview with me at that time, but unfortunately, they were in high demand, but I didn’t let that discourage me. Not long after the Design Day was over, I sent my resume, cover letter, and online portfolio to BSD, and I was invited for an interview and I was able to complete a summer internship with them. I knew that I could learn a lot from the whole team, and I have.

Every day is a new adventure at BSD, and every day is a new learning experience. I have gotten the chance to shadow each of the designers and learn more about commercial, residential, healthcare, and showroom design than I could have learned in school or through another firm. I not only learned design from this firm, but I have also learned how a design firm should be run and organized. Because BSD is such a compact business, each designer pretty much has their own field and own projects, allowing each designer to see their projects through all the way to construction and installation, which is something that you don’t get to do in school or in larger firms. I have gotten to know each one of the wonderful people that would here at Barbour Spangle Design throughout these 6 short weeks, and I know that I will never forget what I have learned about design, and about life.


Thank you Beckie for all your hard work and your never-ending smile!

xo Christi

One Response to “From the Outside Looking In (from an interns perspective…)”

  1. Lynn Courtade Says:

    Great experience and giving Back! Love the attitude of the attitude of
    the future of design,

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