To recap from earlier this week:  the office turned into a flower cooler and we loaded box after box into my truck to transport them over to WinMock

I left off explaining our friend Sami Price from  Just Priceless met us bright and early to load (more) flowers for the wedding party.  The next four or five hours were a complete blur.  We arrived at the “barn” just after 9:00 a.m. and jumped right in!  It was important that we stay true to Bri’s vision so her “binder” was our guide throughout the day.

When we arrived – we had a pretty blank canvas.  Ok.  Well, it felt actually empty.  How on earth would we ever get this looking like a dream wedding??

We unpacked box after box of mason jars – yes that’s right, mason jars – that had been painted in chalk gray.

and there were more….

Did I say lots of jars?

And I really did mean mason jars. 

Here we are – I think we might actually be counting….  “Hey Kelley!  Did someone sneak more of these things in the back door??

There were all kinds of other goodies in our boxes – what a bag of tricks!

Bri mentioned in one of her wedding posts about making tags with the Cricut machine – here they are on the wall.  This one says, “Love Is Sweet”.

And of course we could not leave off the couples new name!  Mr & Mrs Verstat

The inspiration for many things came from the wedding invitation.   The letters B & R were used throughout:

Our mason jars turned into fun, simple floral vases with all white and green flowers.  Granny Smith apples were a nice pop of green on the table linens.  Oh yes….you read that right.  M.O.O.N.S.H.I.N.E. a fun way to have a Southern Wedding.

Family and Friends were assigned a table number for dinner.

In the end (many nail biting, curse murmuring) hours later ~ we were pretty pleased with the result.  Bri won’t let me share all the pretty photos – yet – you will have to check back to see the completed end result but suffice it to say it was pretty magical.

We left exhausted and exhilarated.   We ran back to the hotel room to shower, change and make a toast to Bri and Ryan and were back at WinMock just a short hour later!

Our talented friend and photographer did a fantastic job catching the entire night.  Stay tuned for those images!

xo Christi
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