On The Road Again

August 21, 2012

Here we are:  another week gone by and I find myself on the road again…this time to the great city of Atlanta Georgia.
Last night my head found a pillow at The Glenn, a great boutique hotel in downtown Atlanta. It was such a quick trip that I did not get the chance to photograph my room for you (sorry guys).   As we were walking out of the hotel I snapped a few shots of their lobby so I would have something to share with you!









It was another great trip full of inspiration.


Hello to all!  While my blogging schedule has been quiet overt the last month, my travel schedule on the other hand has not.  Out of curiosity I looked at the calendar this morning and discovered that I was in town – safe and happy at home – TEN days out of the entire month of July!

One of my July trips was to the design-filled city of Las Vegas.  A city I like to say for designers, is like sending a kid to a theme-park made of nothing but candy, sugar and sweets with free rides and no lines.  It’s a city is filled with inspiration, over-the-top ideas and not to mention some really x-rated, card-flicking peddlers.  During my latest trip (there were two in July) I spent some time walking around the World Market Center during the semi-annual trade show.

One showroom I found particularly interesting was Four Hands.  We see so many tradeshows, retail stores, and design inspired interiors that sometimes it really is hard to hold my attention.  Four Hands did just that.  Why?  Because everything they used for display was recycled.

This wonderful wall was made out of paper bags!

These wrapping paper tubes make a great wall statement.

Ever wonder what to do with extra egg-crates?

Empty paint cans are a hazard and difficult to dispose of – this is a clever way to deal with them.

These books (with clever oragami-like page folding) look great as wall art.

Chicken wire and tissue paper – what a combo!

We are ever searching for the next great idea, color or source of inspiration for both existing and future projects.   It’s important to us that we stay fresh and current while remaining timeless and classic for our clients.  We remain committed to creating spaces as unique as the individuals that inhabit them and exceeding all expectations.

If we have exceeded your expectations please leave us a comment and tell us how.  If you like our designs, how about “LIKE” us on FaceBook?  Whatever trips your trigger…we just want to feel the love!


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One of the things we are loving right now are the floor-to-ceiling steel-framed doors from Bliss Nor-Am.  Their chic windows let an abundance of light in and have the perfect industrial and modern combination.

The great thing about steel windows and doors is due to the materials strength, they have a very small frame thus allowing for more glass – you know we love glass!!  The clean lines are a welcome addition to any home….traditional or modern.

I love this setting – in the photo above the window wall is closed.  The next shot shows the same wall wide open, perfect to bring the outdoors in!

Remember I commented steel windows and doors are ideal for modern or traditional?  Here is a perfect example:

Ready to let some light into your house?  Give us a call and we can help you bring the sunshine in….

xo Christi

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Images from Bliss Nor-Am website.

As part of our ongoing commitment to High Point’s Core City program, we recently submitted a new design for Jackie’s Place, a new jazz venue in downtown High Point on Washington Street.  The building is currently being used as a daycare and meeting space and is named after our client Jackie’s late sister Lois Haizlip Powell.

Jackie’s vision for this building is to transform it into a fun and lively spot for jazz enthusiasts to come and enjoy live music from local and regional artists.  She plans to have an outside patio as well as a bar and stage on the interior.

Jackie’s Place as it currently is on Washington Street, 2012.

Jackie’s enthusiasm for this project and her description of what she wanted led to this inspiration board:

Our final submitted design:

Jackie’s Place
By Barbour Spangle Design

To our delight, once Jackie received the design she singing our praises (and it wasn’t the blues!):

“WOW!  Don’t know what I was expecting, but this is absolutely fabulous…  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!
Many thanks for all your time and efforts.  You truly nailed it.”

xo Christi B

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We are incredibly thrilled to be participating in the Joss & Main curator event this week!  It really is an honor and the people we have worked with at J&M have been fantastic.

I have had many people ask me “What is this Joss & Main event all about?”  In short – Joss and Main is a website that hosts short sales (typically four days or less) similar to the concept of Rue La La or One Kings Lane.  The Curator Event is when they ask guests (designers, authors, editors, people in the fashion industry and the like…) to hand select products that convey a certain look.  Our Curator Event was focused on projects we have done in the last year.  The lookbook J&M created used images from our portfolio and those images were our guide in selecting products for J&M to sell.

Even more exciting than the sale is being featured in the online magazine PLUME.  Plume magazine contributor Donna Garlough interviewed us before the launch of our Curator Collection and a portion of that interview can be found here.  Due to space constraints, Donna couldn’t include the full interview so I thought I would share the rest of it here:

PLUME:  I notice you handle both residential and commercial projects. How is the process different between the two?

Barbour:  I would have to say the biggest difference between the two is the people and the human emotion tied to the decision making.  While in commercial projects our clients are very involved and enjoy the process, they don’t have the emotional connection that our residential clients do.  When working on commercial projects it’s important that we convey their brand message or corporate culture correctly ~ but they still do not have to live and breathe the design like you do if it’s your home.  Our goal with every project is to ensure that each home we work on is a reflection of the homeowner’s taste and incorporates things that “say home” to them.

PLUME:  Are there any principles you’ve learned in commercial/corporate design that have made you a better residential designer, and vice versa?

Barbour:  That’s easy:  Listen To Your Client.  No matter who they are or what the project is, everyone wants something.  That basic want or need can be as simple as a paint color preference or as complicated as a high tech meeting space – but at the end of the day if that request is not met, the project isn’t successful.

PLUME:  Tell us about 5 pieces of furniture and accents. you absolutely can’t live without, and why.

Barbour:  Just five?  Wow, with so many great products and elements for a room that’s tough!  Can I have seven?

My can’t live without #1
Artwork!  Above and beyond anything else, I believe artwork gives personality to a room and insight to the people who live there.  My current crush is on Sally King Benedict out of Charleston, SC (one of my favorite cities).  I have high hopes to find a spot for a piece of hers in my own home.

Can’t live without #2
There is nothing better as a family than to snuggle together at the end of the day and what better way to do so than on a great sectional?  This one piece of furniture can change any room into a Family Room.  We were just with friends last night who have a sectional in their den and everyone was piled up together watching the US Open, it’s such a cozy friendly feel.
I am partial to the Belgian influenced styles from Verellen Furniture.

Can’t live without #3
I can’t resist a little bling in a room and gold accents always catch my eye.  I have had my eye on this bronze trestle table from BDDW out of NY for some time now and can’t wait to find a home for it in a future project.

Can’t live without #4
Since we are in the South, so many of our homes have hardwood floors and we use a ton of area rugs!  There are many styles we incorporate into our home designs such as natural fibers and woven area rugs;  Beni Ourain rugs are my current go to fave.

by Barbour Spangle Design, Anne Barnhardt

Can’t live without #5
Every space could use a little sparkle therefore I adore using acrylic pieces.  You don’t need a big piece, just a small accent will do the trick.  Vintage acrylic pieces are my favorite way to incorporate this element however they can be hard to find so this Timber Table from Gus Modern is a good size and adds just the right bit of funky chic to any space:

Can’t live without #6
Lighting is such an important element and can totally change the way a room feels – all with one little switch!  I like to layer tone on tone’s then give a room it’s punch with accessories and fabrics.  That’s why I like this Alabaster Quatrafoil lamp by Regina Andrews (to the trade only):

Can’t live without #7
I am a sucker for a little animal print in every home we design.  Not over the top ~ it can be a small pillow or a even a bench but I often use an animal hides as rugs to break up seating areas.   I have this one from Wayfair.com in my Living Room:

More of my favorite things can be found on my Pinterest page “Products I Love”

PLUME:  The residential projects in your online portfolio have such cohesive, pulled-together color palettes without being overwhelming to the eye. How do typically build a room’s palette? Do you start with textiles, nature, pieces of furniture, etc.?

Barbour:  Thank you!  I find that the greatest source of inspiration for any one of our projects is from our clients themselves.  We have been incredibly lucky to have worked with some truly amazing people!
Our designs revolve entirely around their desires, wants and needs since our goal is to create a home that is a reflection of them.  Therefore when we start a project we will typically take one dynamic piece and build the room around that item.  It could be a fantastic piece of art, a perfect piece of furniture or even an incredible fabric.  Whatever it is, we build on that item and go from there.  That is one of the many ways we ensure that the end result is a true reflection of them!

Thank you so very much to the kind and professional staff at Joss & Main for asking us to host this Curator Collection Event!  It has truly been an honor and we are so very excited to be part of this talented team of individuals!
Christi Barbour

Meals On Wheels

April 5, 2012

The other night while at dinner with friends, we started talking about the increasing popularity of food trucks, especially those that are specialized.  I quickly took a look online and came across Saturday Night Foodies a blog written by husband and wife team Jason and Kim.  Their travels have taken them all over and in the process they have experienced some fun and (ahemm) u n u s u a l food trucks.

There is the Burger Bus.

The Crepes Bus – Oui Oui!

The Waffle Truck.

The Scottish Truck.

The Greek Truck.Then there is the (confused) Sushi Burrito Truck.

Patrons flock to these trucks for both the food and the experience.

As we talked about the increasing popularity of these trucks we came up with the idea:  What if someone created a really cool restaurant experience and combined it with the mobile ability of specialty food trucks.  We were convinced this was a genius idea!  All we needed was a motor coach, a great chef and a good design team (hmmm….wonder who?)

Sadly we were much too late.  The very next morning I was flipping through a magazine and you are never going to believe what I spotted!  No, Brad and Jenn are not getting back together.

A mobile restaurant!!  Wow oh Wow!


xo Christi

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Lately it seems that I am surrounded by all things equestrian.

Close to home for instance, is our very own Madison Spangle (Christi’s daughter) who recently won the title of Sedgefield Showgrounds Medium Pony Division Year End Champion (way to go Maddie!).  Her horse Gracie goes by the clever show name of “Connect The Dots“, can you guess why?

I adore this photo of Madison (and Gracie) ~ at just twelve years old, I find her grace and dedication awe inspiring.

Spring flowers and warmer temperatures remind me that hubby’s birthday is right around the corner and every year on (or about the time of) his birthday is the Kentucky Derby at the beautiful Churchill Downs.  About eighteen months ago our office had the pleasure of visiting the Churchill Downs facility.  When you combine the grandeur and history, the wager process and the mint juleps ~ its an experience you will never forget!

As I was shopping the High Point Furniture Market last fall I came across a number of equestrian inspired designs.

Images 1-8 above were taken by Barbour Spangle Read the rest of this entry »

Lately it seems as if I have been on a plane, train or automobile more than in the office however that’s ok with me.  Why?  The more I get out and see, go and do – the more I am exposed to great design and inspiring ideas.

Decorating Diva Bunny Williams (whom I just heard speak last week in LA at the Bloggers Conference) so eloquently said:  “Get out and see the world.”  Bunny, I am taking your advice.

Take for instance last weekend. Hubby and I took the kids to Pinehurst for the day Saturday.  While we were there I made a quick stop at a project to select paint colors with the client.   Check out my new gadget crush INSTAGRAM.  It makes any photo look amazing.  Even a paint stick!

A few weeks ago I was in Charleston, SC.  That city is FULL of inspiration and worthy of a blog post all on it’s own.  Our weather that day was g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. and so were the streets of Charleston.  This photo I took on King Street doesn’t even look real does it?  The colors on those buildings would make great wall colors.

I had no idea we were in the midst of a male-model until our friend jumped in the Louis Vuitton front window for a quick VOGUE.  And by the way…that LV trunk inspired some of the best closet designs, ever.

Not too far up the road is a lovely little town by the name of Pawley’s Island.  You may have heard of them, they make hammocks – loads of them.

Wouldn’t this hammock swing chair make a great addition to a play room??

Then there was my recent trip to LA.  I managed to get out of the hotel for a quick lunch on Sunset Boulevard at La Petit Four.  I sat by a producer for the new series Fashion Show making my lunch feel more like an Episode of Entourage rather than my life!

The conference I was attending was in the lovely Millennium Biltmore Hotel.  The historic grandeur of this property was awe inspiring.

Not too far from LA is the wildly inspiring city of Las Vegas.  My last trip included a stay at The Cosmopolitan (see that Room Rave here).  The entrance from the parking garage had these fantastic ceiling panels with a tone-on-tone scroll design.  I would love to see this application on a wall somewhere.

And not too long ago a design trip down to Atlanta included a quick stop at the Georgia Aquarium.  I discovered that watching all those fish gracefully swim through the water was not only therapeutic but also a great source of color inspiration.  The vibrant blues, yellows, greens and purples made me delight in nature’s awe-inspiring majesty!

As you can see ~ everywhere you look, anywhere you go, you can find inspiration in some form or fashion!   So don’t blink ~ or you just might miss your next best idea!

Thanks Bunny!

xo Christi

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Black Windows and Doors

February 15, 2012

Searching through my style files today I realize I have an obsession with black painted trim on windows and doors.

{Interiors Magazine}


{House of Turquoise}

{Pinterest – original source unknown}

{Roman and Williams}

{by our very own Anne Barnhardt, Barbour Spangle Design}



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For those of you who read our blog regularly enough, you probably remember my brother “Uncle Matt” makes movies. He is a behind the scenes kind of guy. I started my carreer behind the scenes too, set design that is. That’s why I remain fascinated by photo, tv and film sets.

I spent some time this morning gathering some of my favorite behind-the-scene- shots.   I found Elle Decor to have a wealth of images featuring some of the mega-hits in Hollywood. See if you can guess what movie or tv show some of these famous sets are from!

You can get a table like this – a Saarinen classic Tulip dining table made by Knoll – through Hive Modern for $1807

For an Indian inspired mirror like the one Julia Roberts is looking into take a look at our friends at Serena and Lily for a great option.

This kitchen set is the center of a lot of action in the movie it’s home to.  To recreate the look of the marble top island look no further than Crate & Barrel at their French Kitchen Island.

The movie filmed here chilled me to my bones.  It’s black and white tone is a chilling backdrop to the story line.  The black and white abstract art really anchors the room.  This piece by Leftbank Art is 54″ square and can be purchased through us for $325.

This “love to hate her” film had many scenes filmed within the walls of this office.  To find an option to a great desk like her check out CB2’s Tesso Desk for $329

Artwork found throughout the set of this very funny movie is by artist Kenton Nelson (look in the background at the foyer).   You can learn more about Kenton’s work here.

The sofa in this fashion-diva living room is by Mantauk Sofa and the fun floral pillow is by The Rug Company.

This image {from Apartment Therapy} is the bedroom setting to an eternal love story.  To get a desk chair like Edwin’s try a Walnut Eames DCW desk chair available through ALL MODERN.

Lighting this great is all you need in a room and Lindsey Adelman is the resource to find it.

This is the set that I watch most every morning learning the events of the day.  The backdrop to the sofa area could also serve as a great room divider.  3Form offers ready made solutions in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

So, how did you do?  Take a peek at the movie and tv names to see if you guessed right!

1.  Mad Men

2. Eat, Pray, Love

3.  It’s Complicated

4.  Sleeping With The Enemy

5.  Devil Wears Prada

6.  Something’s Gotta Give

7.  Sex & The City 2

8.  New Moon

9.  Sex & The City 2

10.  The Today Show

As you can see, our favorite on screen world can certainly influence your real world!  If you find that a movie or tv show really inspires you – do some research and find out what items are in those spaces.  That information may very well help you put together the room – or home – of your dreams!

Have a great weekend,

xo Christi

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