Carpet Tiles

February 10, 2012

If you are looking for a little inspiration for a quick project this weekend check out the new carpet tiles from FLOR. We routinely use carpet tiles for a variety of reasons: flexibility, easy installation, they hold up to families (and pets), and they have a great GREEN story – they are made from renewable or recycled products and they can be recycled after use with their Return & Recycle program. It’s a win-win for everyone!

One of my favorite designs is called HEY JACK for it’s Brit reference. I can’t wait to find a spot for this fun colorful rug!

Next is Mod Cow:

And it’s counterpart Mod Zebra:

This one is clever – an aerial view of a neighborhood.  The name?  Be My Neighbor!

For those that love photography, Off The Grid might be your cup of tea.  Inspired by photographer Francois Robert.

IKAT patterns have been very popular for some time now.  Sophistikat is Flor’s answer to getting IKAT design on your floor!

With the flexibility of FLOR tiles and patterns you can create, the options really are limitless.



Go ahead and play around with all the options – get your creative juice on!

Have a great weekend everyone,

xo Christi

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February 7, 2012


Most see them as a means to a destination.  If that’s you, it’s time to rethink those long pathways that lead us to our favorite rooms in the house:  the kitchen, the den, the playroom, the dining room, and (my personal favorite) the bedroom.

Rather than a journey, why not make it a destination?

It doesn’t take much to transform a space like a hallway: for a little time, money, labor and materials and you can really make a big impact!  I have a very long, narrow, boring hallway at home that drives me crazy.  So – I have been looking for a little inspiration to transform the journey – if not make it a destination all in itself.  Take a look at some of the fun halls I have come across.   Stay tuned…hubby and I have a new project on our to do list!















What makes your hall at home interesting?  If it’s boring, give us a call and we can help you create something you will find splendid!

xo Christi

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1-3 Pinterest*, 4 Lonny Mag,  5-7 Pinterest*, 8 Details A Design Firm, 9 Pinterest*, 10 Designers Attic, 11 Mary Ruffle, 12 Veranda, 13 Houzz, 14 Amanda Carol At Home, 15 Lonny Mag.

*Images from Pinterest can be found and researched on my Pinterest Page “Fun Rooms at Home”.  To see those images click HERE.

Wednesday Wisdom

December 14, 2011

Dear Design Loft,

We are getting ready to redecorate our living room and I am not sure how to pick my paint color.  What best determines the paint color of our room?

Thank you, Color Clueless

That’s a great question!  So many times I hear people randomly select a paint color because they “like” it without giving any consideration to the room or the belongings that make it feel like home.  Since there is literally a rainbow of paint colors available to choose from I prefer you start by looking at other elements in your room.

1.  The furniture in your room.   Typically the largest items in your room are either the upholstery or the bed.  Take a cue from the fabrics on those items to inspire your wall color.

Photo:  Pinterest

Photo: Veranda

2.  Highlight an accessory you love.  No matter if it’s an item in your room, from your closet or even jewelery – accessories you are drawn to can inspire your color scheme.

Photo: Pinterest

3.  Pull a color from a piece of artwork.  Regardless if its a soft neutral or a bold hue.

Photo:  Pinterest

4.  Be inspired by your rug.  Even though this image is from a retail store it shows you how the kelly green in the rug inspired the blue and green color combo on the walls.

Photo:  Lonny Magazine

5.  Pick your favorite color.  Ok – so maybe that’s not a bad thing, just embrace it with full passion!

Photo:  Elle Decor

6.  Use a classic color combination.  There are plenty out there…blue and white is one that always rises to the top.

Photo:  Atlanta Home Magazine

7. Embrace neutral.  No, white (or shades thereof) are not a color however they make a great backdrop to your precious belongings.

Photo:  Lonny Magazine

8.  Take your cue from your closet.  Yes, you read that right.  Go in your closet and see what colors inspire you – or use your favorite outfit combination to inspire your choices.

Photo:  Pinterest

Photo:  Pinterest

Hope that helps you Color Clueless!  More Wednesday Wisdom Questions wanted – keep them coming!  We will be announcing a fun giveaway related to our Wednesday Wisdom column soon!



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(insert your holiday of choice here!!)

Ours here at BSD  is Christmas!!  Aaahhh that time of year again when you bring boxes of decorations down from the attic, turn on the Christmas music and start making your house more festive!  Whether you go over the top like the Griswold’s or keep it clean and modern just a few decorations can really get you in the holiday spirit.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.  I love family time and giving gifts!!  My family would always decorate the tree together.  That is after my dad spent hours cussing at the tree while trying to string the lights.  🙂 He was one to make sure that every branch had a strand wrapped around it.  We always had colorful lights but now I am partial to all white with bright jewel toned ornaments.  My brother, sister and I have our own ornaments from growing up.  We used to get a new ornament every year, usually something associated with our current hobby at the time.  Most of them personalized with our names that my mom still hangs on one of her trees.  That’s right, one of her trees!  She actually has 3 in my parents current home.  One is all of our old family ornaments, one is covered in snowflakes and snowmen and the other light houses.

I started decorating our house the Sunday after Thanksgiving but still haven’t gotten around to completely finishing.  My goal for this weekend to get everything up and the boxes back in the attic.  I’m contemplating DIYing a new wreath.  Here are a few inspiring images for Christmas decorations from my beloved Pinterest:

I am thinking about possibly DIYing a wreath like this but with dried white beans….

Love this PomPom covered wreath!

Get playful with your wreath.  Take 3 that are different sizes to create a snowman!

Add a colorful tree skirt to peak out below gifts.

Display your tree in a large round basket.  LOVE this idea!

Wrap thick gauged wire around a foam form to create inexpensive wire modern trees!

Use yarn instead of the generic peal and stick bow for a personalized touch on gifts! (I think that gift wrapping deserves its own post!  Stay tuned!)

What’s your holiday decorating style?  Do you have your tree up yet?  I know one or two designers in this office still don’t have a tree yet!  😉


*All images were pulled from my Pinterest Board.  To find the tutorials for these ideas click on the Pinterest link above that will take you to my “Interesting Ideas” board.  From there you just click on the image you like and it will take you to the website for tutorial or purchasing info.

Welcome to our Wednesday Wisdom column!

We are very excited you are here and look forward to receiving more decorating and design questions in the weeks/months to come.

This week one of our readers posed this question:
“When painting a room with angled or sloped ceilings (such as a playroom), do you paint the slopes like the ceiling or do you paint them like the walls?”

This is a great question and has an equally great answer:  It depends!

More often than not, we do the ceiling color.  Take for instance my own playroom – The ceiling is a BIG part of the room and painting it out as the  walls (if I had chosen a color) would have really closed the room in.  So I made the walls AND the ceiling on the long part of the room the same color then I put a (chalkboard) accent on the far end walls.

I found other examples of keeping the sloped part the ceiling color on my favorite visual website Pinterest:

It seems more often than not ~ we carve out room in the attic/eave space of our homes for playrooms (just like me).  Check out all these fun slope ceiling playrooms!

This playroom goes opposite but cleverly with very light colors so it still works.

So as you can see the ceiling color works great.  However there are times when painting the slope ceiling the wall color makes more sense.  Designer Christi Spangle said “If the wall color is light and there is a good amount of natural light in the room then I would usually go with the wall color.  This give more importance to the walls than the ceiling.”

We recently completed a project where we have a great example of this.  We actually created a sloped ceiling.  The ceiling height in this hallway was so low due to some roof constratins above.  With some clever work on the contractor’s part, we were able to raise part of the ceiling but not all of it.  To help visually raise the height even more we painted only the flat part white and the rest of the space the wall color.  It turned out to be a very nice space!

BEFORE (from North end)

AFTER (from South end)

As you can see from the photos (taken from two different sides of the hallway) – by slightly raising the ceiling and painting out the slope part of the ceiling the wall color, it gives the illusion the walls are much taller than they really are.

We look forward to receiving more of your design or decorating questions in the coming weeks or months.  Please feel free to email me directly or leave your comments on our blog.


Christi B

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This is my first attempt at blogging and with all of Christi’s and Bri’s awesome entries I am a little nervous but here goes……..

My sweet hubby and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and I was in desperate need to “ get outta dodge”. I did NOT want to drive somewhere close by I wanted a little more adventure, to actually get on a plane and be some distance away from reality but close enough to get home in case our teenage children decided to have a crazy party while we were gone.  Somewhere fun, outdoorsy, a little quirky but with good food and culture.  Our final destination:  Austin,Tx!  It was everything and more than we expected.

I had read in several of my favorite design magazines about the Hotel San Jose created by the visionary Liz Lambert.  Located in the bohemian, hippest part of the heart of Austin on South Congress—that’s SoCo to locals- the urban boutique hotel was the perfect place to escape.  An old 1939 motor lodge that has been re-invented into a lush, urban boutique hotel.

The grounds and landscaping were phenomenal!

I warned hubby that the rooms were minimalistic once we were on our doorstep but we didn’t realize how much we would enjoy the lack of “stuff” and it gave us the chance to appreciate the simple things like a super comfy bed and luscious bath products.

And okay, it was like I was a little kid that had never stayed in a hotel before but the honor bar items were awesome—and have you ever had a bottle of rainwater?  It was delish!

The patio bar was the perfect place to hang out and enjoy a cocktail.

But, enough about the fab hotel it was time to explore Austin!  We LOVE tex-mex so our first stop was La Condessa for dinner.  It was unbelievable, especially the marg’s and the street corn.  Although it was hard to eat when all I wanted to do was take pictures of the cool interiors!

These photos were taken from the La Condessa website – click here to view their site.

Then it was off to do one of my very favorite things-listening to live music!  There were so many venues it was hard to choose but our favorite was the Continental Club.

The next morning coffee was a necessity after the margarita’s (and if that didn’t help, the honor bar had Emergen C –how great is that! The greatest hangover medicine known to man- kind.)  The Hotel San Jose shares a parking lot with the BEST coffee shop in town:  Jo’s.   But get there early because a line forms fast and stays there all day!

The shopping in Austin was great we spent time checking out crazy costume shops, next to custom cowboy boot shops, next to fine clothiers , next to wacky vintage stores, next to authentic Mexican stores.

All of the shops line South Congress as well as “food carts” serving awesome gourmet dishes and “beer gardens” where you can take a break from shopping and listen to some live music and sip on a micro brew outside at picnic table.

On a beautiful fall day it doesn’t get much better than that!  After a few days in Austin I truly understand and appreciate their motto: “ Keep Austin Weird” and in this case weird is wonderful!

Where else but Austin would you find a scarf on a planter……………….



Owner Carl Vizzi surprised his employee’s this year with a $200 shopping spree to Macy’s Department Store. For more information be sure to see our post:
Family Owned Business Has A Generous Heart

In times like these, it’s nice to know nice bosses still exist.

York Wallcovering is one of our go-to suppliers for wallcovering (they have beautiful products – see the images below).  When we found out what York Wallcovering owner Carl Vizzi did for his employee’s this holiday season, well suffice it to say we just had to share!!

In addition to great looking wallpaper – this family owned and operated company put’s employee’s first!

What started out as a dismal day for York employees (who thought they were in a meeting to go over rising healthcare costs) turned out to be one great big hoax.   Mr. Vizzi quickly let employee’s know that certainly wasn’t the case and loaded them onto a bus for a shopping day at Macy’s Department Store, including a $200 gift card to spend on themselves!!  What fun!!

The article below is from their local York Dispatch and written by Christina Kauffman.  Since the video and our blog don’t seem to be playing nicely with one another – I’ll post the video in a separate format so be sure to check it out!!

Employees at York Wallcoverings will be paying more than double for their health benefits next year.

Just kidding, and so was company owner Carl Vizzi. He surprised more than 250 employees with a $50,000 shopping spree at Macy’s Thursday.

Employees of the York-based manufacturer were told a meeting was being held to discuss a substantial increase in employee health insurance contributions for the coming year.

After he solemnly delivered the news, Vizzi told employees there was no way he could do that to them, and that he was instead taking all of them shopping, said Bruce Cowen, director of operations for commercial business at the plant.

Vizzi did this to three rounds of employees, then loaded each group onto buses headed to Macy’s at West Manchester Mall. Each employee was given a $200 gift card and told to spend it on himself or herself within an hour.

Macy’s set the festive mood with balloons, gift bags, and party music and provided bottled water to keep employees hydrated.

Store staff cheered and hollered, greeting buses as they started rolling in at 11:30 a.m., and gave the employees an extra 25 percent discount, York Wallcoverings employees said.

Store vice president and manager Cynthia Geiser said the $50,000 spree wasn’t the store’s best day of business, but Vizzi is now the store’s largest single customer.

As the plant’s employees flooded the store, women headed in groups to winter coats and accessories and men spread out in several departments.

Randy Phillips, 22, works in the manufacturer’s surface department. His work clothing covered in paint as he walked about the store, he said it would be hard to spend the money on himself. He was thinking about getting a toy for his son.

Senior accountant Theresa Cox, who lives in Lancaster County, bought a Calvin Klein coat and a pair of gloves.

“This is really fun,” she said. “It was a big surprise. Just a nice thing to do.”

Vizzi, standing in front of the store as employees shopped inside, said he didn’t want the focus of the day to be placed on him.

“This is a reward for everyone’s hard work and effort, their dedication to the company,” he said.

Vizzi’s daughter, Ashley Vizzi, said the purchases will be taken, wrapped, and given to employees at a holiday party later this month.

Cowan said the generous gesture surprised him, as the economy has forced cutbacks to some company expenditures. York Wallcoverings has been, however, growing because of an increase in overseas business.

It’s also accepting applications for new employees.

– Reach Christina Kauffman at 505-5436,, or follow her on Twitter at @dispatchbizwiz.

For a link to the York Dispatch article click here.

Note:  All images are from the York Wallcovering website and can be purchased through your local York Wallcovering distributor.  To find yours, click here.

Don’t forget to see our next post that includes the video on the York Wallcovering employee’s shopping spree!!



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The Reception – Part I

November 11, 2011

The celebration…….the party……. The RECEPTION!!  For some people the reception is the main reason to go to weddings.  Where else can you dance with good lookin’ wedding guest, drink for free, dance with your tie around your head (this happened…..well it all happened!) and make a fool of yourself in front of out of town guest that you will probably never see again?!?

Floral centerpieces.

We wanted to make sure that all of our guest had A LOT of FUN!!  One of these little beauties sat on every table.  The back of the tag said “Sip and Share with your table!”  Once a table finished theirs…..

this happened…..

and this happened.  Until everyone was finished.  It was definitely a FUN way to start a reception.  Our guest are still talking about it! 🙂  The next day we noticed that Facebook was covered with pictures of these jars by friends and family.

Dinner Menu.  Our menu was completely personalized.

I grew up in Maryland and Ryan grew up outside of Chicago so our menu was full of our favorite foods. I wish that there was a photo of the sweet message that we had on the back for our guest.

To be continued……

Finally got it to load!  Enjoy…….

To recap from earlier this week:  the office turned into a flower cooler and we loaded box after box into my truck to transport them over to WinMock

I left off explaining our friend Sami Price from  Just Priceless met us bright and early to load (more) flowers for the wedding party.  The next four or five hours were a complete blur.  We arrived at the “barn” just after 9:00 a.m. and jumped right in!  It was important that we stay true to Bri’s vision so her “binder” was our guide throughout the day.

When we arrived – we had a pretty blank canvas.  Ok.  Well, it felt actually empty.  How on earth would we ever get this looking like a dream wedding??

We unpacked box after box of mason jars – yes that’s right, mason jars – that had been painted in chalk gray.

and there were more….

Did I say lots of jars?

And I really did mean mason jars. 

Here we are – I think we might actually be counting….  “Hey Kelley!  Did someone sneak more of these things in the back door??

There were all kinds of other goodies in our boxes – what a bag of tricks!

The inspiration for many things came from the wedding invitation.   The letters B & R were used throughout:

Our mason jars turned into fun, simple floral vases with all white and green flowers.  Granny Smith apples were a nice pop of green on the table linens.  Family and Friends were assigned a table number for dinner.

In the end (many nail biting, curse murmuring) hours later ~ we were pretty pleased with the result.  Bri won’t let me share all the pretty photos – yet – you will have to check back to see the completed end result but suffice it to say it was pretty magical.

We left exhausted and exhilarated.   We ran back to the hotel room to shower, change and make a toast to Bri and Ryan and were back at WinMock just a short hour later!

Our talented friend and photographer did a fantastic job catching the entire night.  Stay tuned for those images!

xo Christi