High Point is a pretty amazing place this time of year.  In addition to the spring blooms mother nature brings our way, the city (literally) comes to life with our market friends.  Downtown is buzzing with activity from delivery trucks to furniture manufacturers, designers, day workers and the like; we are all here to create displays that keep today’s buyers coming back to High Point for more.

This spring, I believe we all feel a sense of renewed energy and excitement.  The Triad Business Journal just posted an article that says this market “is shaping up to be one of the best markets in years”.  Good, we need it.  (By the way, that article features one photo and it happens to be a showroom we designed with Nourisson!)

As designers in High Point, it goes without saying that we work on showroom interiors.  Our clients vary greatly as well as the products and we love each and every one of them.  Additionally, we are BUYERS.  That’s right, we get out there after weeks of set-up and late nights and walk those streets just like everyone else.  The difference for us is we know this city like the back of our hand – and with that comes some perks, some of which I thought I would share.  When we go to “other” trade-shows such as Atlanta, Chicago or Vegas (this year we plan to add NYC to the list) I am concerned about several things:  finding great new resources, how to make the most efficient use of my time and let’s be serious:  parking and food!

Lets start with the details first:  Parking and Food.  Honestly, neither has been all that great in the past but HP has made HUGE progress in both areas.

Parking:  As a buyer, you are able to park in the IMC Buyers lots located on Commerce and Green.  Be prepared, they will expect to see your buyers pass before you can enter and get there early, those lots fill up fast.  There are also several parking garages downtown:  one on Commerce between Elm and Main, one on Main Street between High Ave and Commerce, and one on Broad between Wrenn and Hamilton.  Again, show up early as they fill up fast.  Another option is parking at your favorite showroom (assuming they know they are your favorite)!  Many exhibitors have their own lot and will even shuttle you to wherever you like to go and even pick you up!  Be sure to make arrangements in advance.  You can also do something called Park & Ride, which I highly recommend if you are not an early riser.  These lots are located at the Oak Hollow Mall (there are electronic billboards directing you to the right location) and South Market Center Drive (this one is slightly closer to downtown but not as convenient to Greensboro).  As a last ditch you can pay to park in a variety of lots located in the heart of downtown.  For those of you that this irritates (I see this everywhere I go so HP isn’t the only city that charges to park) MANY of these lots are “donated” to local charities and the parking fee goes to raise money for that charity – if that makes you feel any better.

Food:  As much as I would like to fix a home-cooked meal for each and every one of you, I’ll be at market shopping.  Luckily, the options to continue shopping AND eat have greatly improved over the last few years!  Many showrooms now provide some sort of lunch ranging from light finger foods to a full-course spread.  The buildings themselves also now provide cafe and restaurant-like options.  Each building will identify where those spots are.  I am happy to report there is (finally) a Starbucks located in Market Square! And just spied this week:  a food truck on the corner of Elm and Commerce just outside of Market Square Suites entrance.  Inside the downtown shopping area (and in walking distance) there are several restaurants including Jimmy’s Pizza on Main Street, Penny Path (new) on Kivett, Oscars Burgers on Wrenn Street, and Elm Street Cafe (obviously, on Elm).  Just a bit further north you can find some local favorites including Sumela, Blue Zucchini, Blue Rock Pizza, Emerywood Fine Foods, Granny’s Doughnuts, and for a fine dining option, High Point Country Club (a private club that – true to southern hospitality – opens its doors to market visitors twice a year).  For dinner there are a variety of really great local eateries in the Piedmont Triad Area.  Some of my favorites include:  [Greensboro] Josephines, 1618 Grill, Southern Lights, The Iron Hen, Liberty Oak, The Filling Station, Bravo, Green Valley Grill and Printworks Bistro.  [Kernersville] Bistro B.  [Winston Salem] Mozingos, Sweet Potatos, West End Cafe, 6th & Vine, Milner’s, and O’So Eats..

The next question is how to make the most of your time?  One market I had a group from ORVIS come in town to shop with me.  At the end of the day, one of the executives said “it would have taken us days to cover the amount of territory you have covered in hours, thank you”.  As nice as this comment was, it was my responsibility to make it simple for them so I was happy to know I had done my job.  Even though I am local, you too can shop like one – it just takes planning.  I typically shop 3-4 days, more than many visitors I know.  In other cities we keep it to two so we have to be efficient.  Let me say this clearly:  PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.  Review things like the Market Preview, the Planning Guide, and talk to your reps.  Once you know where you want to go divide it out according to it’s location.  I typically reserve one entire day to see the large IMC building at the bus terminal and Showplace.  The second day includes one of my favorite buildings, Market Square (home to our office), the C&D building, 220 Elm, and the some of the showrooms located within and around this city block.  The third day I will do Hamilton and Wrenn Streets – some of these are spread out but our weather is so beautiful I enjoy walking this shopping route.  The fourth day I do any outlying buildings that are not on the loop mentioned above (this is also the day that is highly likely to get cut if necessary).

Map from the HP Market Authority

Map from the HP Market Authority

Transportation has vastly improved over the years and is an important component for getting quickly from one stop to the next.  High Point offers two free continuous bus lines that loop around the entire downtown area:  the RED line and the GREEN line (shown above).  You can get a bus map here go to page THREE for the Red and Green Line stops.  High Point also provides one of my favorite market perks – the G0-Anywhere shuttle van.  That’s right, they will take you anywhere, for free, within a three mile radius.  Go to the downtown Transportation Terminal or simply flag one down from any location in the Market area. You may also call 336.887.RIDE (7433) to have a shuttle dispatched to you. Go-Anywhere Shuttles will be operating from Saturday, April 20 through Wednesday, April 24, 7:30am – 8:30pm, and Thursday, April 25, 7:30am – 5pm.

If it’s your first time to High Point market (let me be the first to say WELCOME), I would highly recommend reading about being a first-time visitor on the High Point Market Authority’s FIRST TIME VISITORS section here.  It includes valuable information that you will want on-hand including videos, printouts and maps.

Lastly, one of the most important things I do when shopping market is finding great new resources….and that my friends is a trade secret I won’t be sharing today, sorry!  However, if you are interested in my favorite finds, you can follow my Spring market shopping Pinterest Board Fun Finds.

There is so much more to learn and know about market like buyers passes and where to stay among other things.  Be sure to visit the HP Market Authority website that provides an ample amount of additional information.

If you find this post helpful to your shopping experience please be sure to let me know and share it with your friends!

Good luck and hope to see you soon, in High Point of course!

xo Christi

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Industrial Lighting

March 25, 2013

If Industrial is your design aesthetic – Rejuvenation is the place to shop for lighting.  A member of the William Sonoma Family (whose brothers and sisters include Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, West Elm, Williams Sonoma Home, Mark + Graham and Cultivate), Rejuvenation is a designers paradise for classic American lighting.






If you need a little industrial design inspiration check out the Pinterest page of architect Monica Gasperini titled Industrial Interiors.

Some of her pins on that Pinterest board include:



One of our more recent projects for a furniture manufacturer included a dining area and design center:

Interiors by Barbour Spangle Design

Interiors by Barbour Spangle Design


Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 9.36.11 PM

This morning on the TODAY Show they had a segment on the power of the Power Nap.  I have a friend who, for years, has insisted she needed to nap in order to function.  What??  I admit,  I have unabashedly teased her for it.  Girlfriend, you know who you are and I am sorry.

According to a recent study 43% of Americans feel like they don’t get enough sleep.  Some suggest that by taking a 15-30 minute doze you will be more creative, less stressed and refreshed.  Really?  I’m not convinced, but I am willing to try it.

Since it’s all about the environment at Barbour Spangle it got us thinking….where do you take a nap at work?  I certainly can’t do it at my desk.  The question becomes, is it a room or a product?  Call it what you like:  Nap Room, Quiet Zone or Rejuvination Center – the purpose is to create a space that is quiet,cool,  dark and perfect for some Zzzzzz’s.  This could be as simple as taking a small room and painting it a darker color and outfitting it with a comfy chair.  Sounds nice but I did some digging around to see what else is out there other than good-old-dad’s La-Z-Boy recliner.

I can’t decide if this looks like napping or riding a bike?  This power pod designed by Frank Ehners is called el Zulo.


This feels a bit more spa-like with it’s integrated lighting and music.  Designed by Alberto Frias it looks like something out of Star Wars!  Princess Leia, is that you?image_title_twvovSpeaking of Princess Leia, what about StormTroopers….?  Darth must be missing his army.   Metronaps EnergyPods


Easter is right around the corner, wonder if the Easter Bunny takes his naps here?  The Ovei pod by Lee McCormack.  ovei_pod_image_title_1qpxv

Go ahead, you know you want to.  Take that power nap and let me know how it works for you.

xo Christi

Lovely Lighting

March 13, 2013

It’s been some time since I last wrote and I appreciate the patience of our faithful and friendly followers!

Today I have been researching lighting for a new project.  I have always been a fan of Alison Berger and the incredible lighting line she has.  As luck would have it, her line is exactly what I needed today.  Lucky me.

If you are not familiar with Alison’s work I suggest taking a look at her website:  Alison Berger Glassworks







If you find yourself craving a little Alison in your life…give us a call and we can help you out!

xo Christi

All photos are from Alison Berger Glassworks Website.

Chalky Business

October 28, 2012

I’m not sure it its a teacher thing or not but we saw plenty of chalk and blackboard paint at High Point market!


On the back’s of chairs at Bernhardt:

Used as signage at Kalalou:

Used as decorative wall quotes:

And even as information to describe products:

Happy weekend everyone.




High Point Market Wrap Up

October 27, 2012

The last month-plus has been exceptionally busy at Barbour Spangle. There were many busy days, late evenings and sleepless nights for all of us. Once our showrooms were completed – we were off and running to find the latest and greatest products on the market introduced by our favorite vendors.
The following images are the hightlights of our shopping days. To see more, be sure and visit my Follow Me on Pinterest page: HP Market “A-List”.

New sectional from Hickory Chair has already been tagged for a current project.

What a perfect home office this would make!

Currently looking for a home to put this in!

Modern History always gets mid-century modern just right.

OLY’s showroom always makes my heart swoon…

Bernhardt Interiors black room was pretty dramatic.

CR Laine always gets it just right!

If you like want you see but it leaves you wanting more…don’t forget you can go to my Follow Me on Pinterest page HP Market “A-List” finds!

Have a great weekend everyone!




What I’m Loving Today

August 22, 2012

Researching some door hardware earlier this morning I came across a fresh change of pace from one of our favorite lines:  Rocky Mountain Hardware.  They have always been a go-to line for us so it’s not exactly a surprise, however I was smitten with these entry door sets and thought they deserved special recognition!


















































































What do you think?  Are they inspiring enough to make you want to change that front door entry set of yours?


One of the things we are loving right now are the floor-to-ceiling steel-framed doors from Bliss Nor-Am.  Their chic windows let an abundance of light in and have the perfect industrial and modern combination.

The great thing about steel windows and doors is due to the materials strength, they have a very small frame thus allowing for more glass – you know we love glass!!  The clean lines are a welcome addition to any home….traditional or modern.

I love this setting – in the photo above the window wall is closed.  The next shot shows the same wall wide open, perfect to bring the outdoors in!

Remember I commented steel windows and doors are ideal for modern or traditional?  Here is a perfect example:

Ready to let some light into your house?  Give us a call and we can help you bring the sunshine in….

xo Christi

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Images from Bliss Nor-Am website.

We are incredibly thrilled to be participating in the Joss & Main curator event this week!  It really is an honor and the people we have worked with at J&M have been fantastic.

I have had many people ask me “What is this Joss & Main event all about?”  In short – Joss and Main is a website that hosts short sales (typically four days or less) similar to the concept of Rue La La or One Kings Lane.  The Curator Event is when they ask guests (designers, authors, editors, people in the fashion industry and the like…) to hand select products that convey a certain look.  Our Curator Event was focused on projects we have done in the last year.  The lookbook J&M created used images from our portfolio and those images were our guide in selecting products for J&M to sell.

Even more exciting than the sale is being featured in the online magazine PLUME.  Plume magazine contributor Donna Garlough interviewed us before the launch of our Curator Collection and a portion of that interview can be found here.  Due to space constraints, Donna couldn’t include the full interview so I thought I would share the rest of it here:

PLUME:  I notice you handle both residential and commercial projects. How is the process different between the two?

Barbour:  I would have to say the biggest difference between the two is the people and the human emotion tied to the decision making.  While in commercial projects our clients are very involved and enjoy the process, they don’t have the emotional connection that our residential clients do.  When working on commercial projects it’s important that we convey their brand message or corporate culture correctly ~ but they still do not have to live and breathe the design like you do if it’s your home.  Our goal with every project is to ensure that each home we work on is a reflection of the homeowner’s taste and incorporates things that “say home” to them.

PLUME:  Are there any principles you’ve learned in commercial/corporate design that have made you a better residential designer, and vice versa?

Barbour:  That’s easy:  Listen To Your Client.  No matter who they are or what the project is, everyone wants something.  That basic want or need can be as simple as a paint color preference or as complicated as a high tech meeting space – but at the end of the day if that request is not met, the project isn’t successful.

PLUME:  Tell us about 5 pieces of furniture and accents. you absolutely can’t live without, and why.

Barbour:  Just five?  Wow, with so many great products and elements for a room that’s tough!  Can I have seven?

My can’t live without #1
Artwork!  Above and beyond anything else, I believe artwork gives personality to a room and insight to the people who live there.  My current crush is on Sally King Benedict out of Charleston, SC (one of my favorite cities).  I have high hopes to find a spot for a piece of hers in my own home.

Can’t live without #2
There is nothing better as a family than to snuggle together at the end of the day and what better way to do so than on a great sectional?  This one piece of furniture can change any room into a Family Room.  We were just with friends last night who have a sectional in their den and everyone was piled up together watching the US Open, it’s such a cozy friendly feel.
I am partial to the Belgian influenced styles from Verellen Furniture.

Can’t live without #3
I can’t resist a little bling in a room and gold accents always catch my eye.  I have had my eye on this bronze trestle table from BDDW out of NY for some time now and can’t wait to find a home for it in a future project.

Can’t live without #4
Since we are in the South, so many of our homes have hardwood floors and we use a ton of area rugs!  There are many styles we incorporate into our home designs such as natural fibers and woven area rugs;  Beni Ourain rugs are my current go to fave.

by Barbour Spangle Design, Anne Barnhardt

Can’t live without #5
Every space could use a little sparkle therefore I adore using acrylic pieces.  You don’t need a big piece, just a small accent will do the trick.  Vintage acrylic pieces are my favorite way to incorporate this element however they can be hard to find so this Timber Table from Gus Modern is a good size and adds just the right bit of funky chic to any space:

Can’t live without #6
Lighting is such an important element and can totally change the way a room feels – all with one little switch!  I like to layer tone on tone’s then give a room it’s punch with accessories and fabrics.  That’s why I like this Alabaster Quatrafoil lamp by Regina Andrews (to the trade only):

Can’t live without #7
I am a sucker for a little animal print in every home we design.  Not over the top ~ it can be a small pillow or a even a bench but I often use an animal hides as rugs to break up seating areas.   I have this one from Wayfair.com in my Living Room:

More of my favorite things can be found on my Pinterest page “Products I Love”

PLUME:  The residential projects in your online portfolio have such cohesive, pulled-together color palettes without being overwhelming to the eye. How do typically build a room’s palette? Do you start with textiles, nature, pieces of furniture, etc.?

Barbour:  Thank you!  I find that the greatest source of inspiration for any one of our projects is from our clients themselves.  We have been incredibly lucky to have worked with some truly amazing people!
Our designs revolve entirely around their desires, wants and needs since our goal is to create a home that is a reflection of them.  Therefore when we start a project we will typically take one dynamic piece and build the room around that item.  It could be a fantastic piece of art, a perfect piece of furniture or even an incredible fabric.  Whatever it is, we build on that item and go from there.  That is one of the many ways we ensure that the end result is a true reflection of them!

Thank you so very much to the kind and professional staff at Joss & Main for asking us to host this Curator Collection Event!  It has truly been an honor and we are so very excited to be part of this talented team of individuals!
Christi Barbour

Lately it seems that I am surrounded by all things equestrian.

Close to home for instance, is our very own Madison Spangle (Christi’s daughter) who recently won the title of Sedgefield Showgrounds Medium Pony Division Year End Champion (way to go Maddie!).  Her horse Gracie goes by the clever show name of “Connect The Dots“, can you guess why?

I adore this photo of Madison (and Gracie) ~ at just twelve years old, I find her grace and dedication awe inspiring.

Spring flowers and warmer temperatures remind me that hubby’s birthday is right around the corner and every year on (or about the time of) his birthday is the Kentucky Derby at the beautiful Churchill Downs.  About eighteen months ago our office had the pleasure of visiting the Churchill Downs facility.  When you combine the grandeur and history, the wager process and the mint juleps ~ its an experience you will never forget!

As I was shopping the High Point Furniture Market last fall I came across a number of equestrian inspired designs.

Images 1-8 above were taken by Barbour Spangle Read the rest of this entry »