Don’t Blink!

June 10, 2011

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you started your day bright and early Monday, ready to take on the world.

Then:  you blink.

Whoa…it’s Friday?  What happened?

Well that was me this week.  I went to work on Monday, blinked and it was Friday.  No, I’m not channeling Samantha from Bewitched…(or was it I Dream of Genie?  I always get those two confused).   So, tonight I am downloading photos from my iphone and realize no wonder I felt like I blinked and my week was gone!   It was a crazy – but fun and productive week.  Just the way I like them.

Doing some research for a client project.

Truly one of my favorite subs - Eric "The Artisan", my tile guy. Here he is hanging decorative ceramic sculptures on a glass tile wall. This was no job for a novice!

Eric's "tool box" - as you can see there is more to hanging ceramic on glass than just a hammer and a nail!

A few stops at one of the most beautiful showrooms in High Point - Baker Furniture.

And some shopping across the street at one of my OTHER favorite showrooms - Hickory Chair. Isn't this red chair great?

A quick stop at the cabinet shop to approve some shop drawings and to see a few projects in production.

I just love these custom doors we designed for a client's built in cabinet. Here they are on the drying rack.

Our workroom is busy as can be - it's nice to see business coming back to life for some of our valued trade resources.

No week is complete without some job site visits!  The most exciting part of my day is to see real progress in our construction projects.  One week in our world moves very fast as you can see from the photos below:

May 19th

June 2nd

My week ended on a photo shoot of a project we plan to submit for a design competition.  Our friend Lauren Hutchinson worked very hard on a tight schedule to fit this shoot in for us.  (Thanks Lauren!)

Lauren taking some detail shots on the photo shoot.

I highly recommend Lauren if you are looking for a photographer to catch your special little one, a momentous occasion or even yourself!  She recently caught our very own Brianne’s engagement – the photos are so sweet.

You can also see more recent projects on her blog here.

Back to my week – as I reflect on where my time went…I find myself inspired to go to the bookstore and find a book titled “How to Add More Hours In Your Day” or “How To Keep Your Eyes Open All Week”.  How about you?

xo Christi