This month’s winston-salem monthly features a  home we recently renovated.  The article, titled Mother’s of Invention (read the article here), details the importance of creating a home that is designed around, and for, the family who resides there.

In her own words, our client wrote this about the project:

It’s not where you live, it’s how you live.  That concept has always stuck with us; whether it was living in Denver, Colorado, Durango, CO, The Bay Area in San Francisco, or South Texas along the Gulf shores all in Jennifer’s youth or just across the river from New York city in Bayonne , New Jersey or the Maplewood-in the suburbs, of New Jersey for Austin.   Home is that place where you go to find comfort and peace with those you love.  So it was when we first walked into this home that our family felt like we could live here really well…except with a few slight changes here and there.

So; the dream list began; a touch of the feeling from our past-Colorado nature, (bring the outside in with lots of windows) California casual (clean line cabinetry, concrete, fireplace), Texas expansiveness (open kitchen, living, dining)  New Jersey community, (close proximity to family within the house) , and Maplewood as place to play (boy cave/man cave).

Also, It’ not what you do, it’s who you do it with……the relationship is important…..working with those who want to collaborate, not dictate.  Who are open, not with set with preconceived ideas-creative and willing to take some risks.   So, the list began with who to have help us-architect, builder, designer.  We assembled just the right group:  Vicky Schober – the builder (who’s first reaction was excitement at doing something different and she’s a mom), Jill Spaeh – the architect  and Mom who wanted to first meet the whole family to understand “how we live” and the calm cool designer, Anne Barnhardt who was First a Mom and her priority was to help us better live as a family, but doing it with style and comfort!  Anne has since deceased and I see and feel her everywhere.  She was amazing in her talents and extended her warmth into every choice brought forth-thinking about the family first-the texture of the fabric, the feel on  the feet, the durability of 2 boys and how the space would be for their friends, on and on-it was important to her that our boys love their home and be drawn to come back in all the years ahead.

Desired end result…was for our family to walk in the door and have a rush of warmth and love awaiting, for friends to come and feel the pull of gathering, and for new friends to walk in and feel like they belong.

Photo by J. Sinclair

Photo by J. Sinclair

At Barbour Spangle our goal with each and every project is to help our clients – no matter if they are stay-at-home moms, executives, or retirees – create a sense of HOME.  Just as our client details above, that word – HOME – means something different to every one of us.  Design should be a reflection of who you are, the family that lives there, the people that congregate, love, play and eat together, not just something pretty.  It should be a place to find refuge, to have fun, to love, and to heal.

Have a good weekend everyone.

xo Christi