Thinking of painting this weekend but can’t decide on a color?

I have a tool that is going to change your life.   Our friends at Sherwin Williams have created a bookmarklet that allows you to capture images you love on the internet and create a color palette from them.  This is very similar to our post on Design Seeds titled The Mysterious Wonder of Color.

With just the click of your mouse – viewers can select an image and receive a Sherwin Williams color based paint palette!  Just imagine!

Love your closet?  Use an outfit to inspire a room.

Love your garden?  Those favorite blooms of yours could inspire a palette.

What about that stationary you write your thank you cards on?  It too could inspire your space!

To get started you create a user profile on the Sherwin Williams Chip It site.  Click HERE to get started.  Once you set up an account and install the bookmarklet, you can tag any number of images you find inspiring.  This makes it so easy to take your favorite things and turn them into a room color.  It’s so easy, fashion designers put a great deal of time and energy to put an outfit together with fantastic color combos.  Stationary designers are paid a fortune to stay up on the latest colors and combinations.  And then there is mother nature!  Well….lets just leave it that she does it best.

I decided to test this out myself before suggesting it to you so I started with something easy, our logo.  The colors were very close to our original logo colors selected by our friends at Mitre Agency.

Next I took one of our projects, a room for the Junior League Showhouse, to test.  Except for the Pewter Green I felt like this was a good palette match.

The second guinea pig was a Women’s Imaging waiting room.  The soft serene room has equally serene selected colors.

At this point I was thinking to myself this might really be a good tool!  I was pretty excited and started to think about what else might inspire you to paint a room.

What about a great piece of art?  I used this painting from roweboat art for a test.  The result?  Great!

I couldn’t resist so I tried two more!  I know artwork can be the source of inspiration in many rooms.  Both Chip It selections were right on target.

Waiting on all these images to load on my slooowww computer I found myself staring out the window to my garden.

Garden…that’s it!  Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration!

By then my daughter was up (it was an early weekend morning).  She was dressed and ready to go – she loves to dress up so, you guessed it, she inspired this next selection.  I can’t resist her in a cute Lilly Pulitzer dress so I went to their website for inspiration (and this image).

The verdict on Chip It is two thumbs up!  This is a fantastic tool for those of you who are a little scared to pull the trigger on a color.  Needless to say, we don’t want cool tools like this to keep you from calling us!

xo Christi

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One very quick and inexpensive way to totally change your space or furniture is to paint.  Paint can turn a boring beige room into a beautiful bright space that you love to relax in or it can turn an old tattered cabinet into a fun accent piece.  Here is a selection of all of our own personal favorite colors:

Anne’s pick:  Sherwin Williams 6006 Black Bean

It is perfect for accents like banister rails, stair runs and window molding for an updated look—it is just the right combo of black and brown!

Christi S’s pick:  Sherwin Williams 6415 Hearts of Palm

It isn’t necessarily a new color but it is the color of my daughter, Madison’s bedroom and I always love hanging out in her room (when it is actually clean and you can see the floor).  It is a very calming and soothing color which helps out with an 11 year old daughter! 🙂

Amber’s pick:  Benjamin Moore 2019-60 Lemon Sorbet

I like it because its light and feminine. It looks nice with creamy whites, wood tones and natural green accents.

Brianne’s pick:  Sherwin Williams 6416 Sassy Green

The name of the color says it all.  It is sassy and that is why I love it!  Bright, colorful and cheery with a little sass!

Christi B’s pick:  Benjamin Moore AC-25 Harbor Gray

In the past people have considered gray as boring or dull but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  A color like this feels fresh and modern.  It’s a perfect neutral for people who are tired of beige and taupe!

What’s your favorite paint color?  Please share!