The Reception – Part II

November 15, 2011

You didn’t think that I could just leave you hangin’ without showing you the best man/maid of honor embarrassing speeches, bouquet toss, funny dancing photos and a good time being had by all, did ya??  I am going to let these pictures speak for themselves.  I hope that these make you awwww,  laugh and possibly even tear up like they do every time I look at them.

What was YOUR favorite part of your wedding or another wedding that you have attended??  Was it the ceremony?  Reception?

-MRS Brianne Verstat

The Reception – Part I

November 11, 2011

The celebration…….the party……. The RECEPTION!!  For some people the reception is the main reason to go to weddings.  Where else can you dance with good lookin’ wedding guest, drink for free, dance with your tie around your head (this happened…..well it all happened!) and make a fool of yourself in front of out of town guest that you will probably never see again?!?

Floral centerpieces.

We wanted to make sure that all of our guest had A LOT of FUN!!  One of these little beauties sat on every table.  The back of the tag said “Sip and Share with your table!”  Once a table finished theirs…..

this happened…..

and this happened.  Until everyone was finished.  It was definitely a FUN way to start a reception.  Our guest are still talking about it! 🙂  The next day we noticed that Facebook was covered with pictures of these jars by friends and family.

Dinner Menu.  Our menu was completely personalized.

I grew up in Maryland and Ryan grew up outside of Chicago so our menu was full of our favorite foods. I wish that there was a photo of the sweet message that we had on the back for our guest.

To be continued……

The Ceremony

November 11, 2011

Two people who met each other and fell in love, brought to the most intimate and special part of their day.  The Ceremony.  When two people join there lives together.  Walking together through the journey of life.  Hand in hand.

Although the barn loft at the WinMock was filled with our family and friends, it felt like we were the only ones there during our vows.  This was OUR moment.  Just the two of us……and 140 of our closest family and friends. 🙂

Upon entering the WinMock guest first stop at our Wedding Tree Guest Book.

Candles in mason jars filled with dried split peas lead guest upstairs to the barn loft.

The moss covered B & R that I spent countless hours gluing moss on.

Our wedding program that I designed just day before the wedding.

Bright green granny smith apples lined the aisle.

Ryan, his bestman/younger brother Brandon and our officiant Holly Marion.  If you or anyone you know is looking for someone to officiate your wedding we highly recommend Holly.  She is very kind and took the time to meet with us and get to know us.  She personally writes all vows for couples.  We loved this about her.  Our ceremony was 100% about us.

Headed upstairs to head down the aisle.

Doors closed for the big reveal!

The moment we’ve waited for our entire lives!

The hand off 😉

I love how our photographer  Lauren and her photographer hubby Dave captured sweet moments like this.

Our Vows.

Making sure his ring fits and stays put! 😉

Ryan grew up in Illinois and I grew up in Maryland.  For our unity ceremony we wanted something that was a little different.  Most people light candles or combined sand.  We got soil from our home states and combined it together.  We will be using the soil to plant a tree  in the future when we build our forever home.

The KISS!!


This photo was taken by a family friend so the quality is not as fabulous as Lauren’s but we love it!

Onto the cocktail hour and reception!

We are very thankful that Ryan’s aunt video-ed parts of our ceremony.  It flew by so quickly and love having that to look back on.

-MRS Brianne Verstat

Finally got it to load!  Enjoy…….

To recap from earlier this week:  the office turned into a flower cooler and we loaded box after box into my truck to transport them over to WinMock

I left off explaining our friend Sami Price from  Just Priceless met us bright and early to load (more) flowers for the wedding party.  The next four or five hours were a complete blur.  We arrived at the “barn” just after 9:00 a.m. and jumped right in!  It was important that we stay true to Bri’s vision so her “binder” was our guide throughout the day.

When we arrived – we had a pretty blank canvas.  Ok.  Well, it felt actually empty.  How on earth would we ever get this looking like a dream wedding??

We unpacked box after box of mason jars – yes that’s right, mason jars – that had been painted in chalk gray.

and there were more….

Did I say lots of jars?

And I really did mean mason jars. 

Here we are – I think we might actually be counting….  “Hey Kelley!  Did someone sneak more of these things in the back door??

There were all kinds of other goodies in our boxes – what a bag of tricks!

The inspiration for many things came from the wedding invitation.   The letters B & R were used throughout:

Our mason jars turned into fun, simple floral vases with all white and green flowers.  Granny Smith apples were a nice pop of green on the table linens.  Family and Friends were assigned a table number for dinner.

In the end (many nail biting, curse murmuring) hours later ~ we were pretty pleased with the result.  Bri won’t let me share all the pretty photos – yet – you will have to check back to see the completed end result but suffice it to say it was pretty magical.

We left exhausted and exhilarated.   We ran back to the hotel room to shower, change and make a toast to Bri and Ryan and were back at WinMock just a short hour later!

Our talented friend and photographer did a fantastic job catching the entire night.  Stay tuned for those images!

xo Christi

The Ladies and Gents

November 11, 2011

We are having a few issues with getting Christi’s Part II of the set up to post. Soooo….  We are posting out of order.  Enjoy!!  There are a few more postings coming later today!

One of the most important parts of a wedding other than the bride/groom and parents is the wedding party!  Our family and closest friends.  The people that have been there through the good times and bad.  The people that know us better than anyone else.  The people that know all of our secrets and still love us anyways.

Ryan and I both agreed that we wanted to have our siblings and very best friends as our wedding party.  We both have a brother and a sister so we obviously included them and then asked our two very best friends.  We are so thankful for them and the time (and money) spent being a huge part of our special day.  I invite you to meet the most important people in our lives…….

LOVE my momma!!

My handsome hubby and my new father-in-law.

Ryan’s Grandma and my new mother-in-law.

My dad and I before we walked down the aisle!

The guys getting pumped for the walk down the aisle.

My ladies and I before the ceremony.

YAY!!!  We finally did it!

Two families brought together by LOVE.

Everybody get SILLY!!

Ladies posed pretty.
Our beautiful bouquets by Just Priceless.

Tough guys 😉

Although we have said it many times before…..THANK YOU to all of our family and friends!!!

How many people were in your bridal party?  Did you have a big wedding or a small intimate  affair?  Please do tell.  We would love to hear from you!

-MRS Brianne Verstat

Anytime we have lots of flowers in the office its a pretty special day.  But when those flowers are for one of your very own – it takes your game to an entirely new level.

The day Bri told us she was getting married was probably one of the happiest days our office has seen.  You can imagine lots of gals – all of whom consider themselves like older sisters – whooping and squealing with delight over this good news.  Needless to say it was never a question or discussion of WHO was going to handle the wedding; it was simply a matter of HOW.  Bri had a very clear vision of what she wanted {note: we love to have clients who have clear vision of their likes/dislikes} and that made it easy because she knew what she wanted and didn’t mind the time and effort it required to create it.

Our job was pretty simple:  support and show up.  The rest just worked itself out.  Now don’t get me wrong:  on wedding day there were lots of – shall we say – superlatives used (and not the kind your grammar teacher taught you) to go along with the pounding hearts, racing time clock and stressed out team.  This is when a video crew rather than a few photos for a blog would have been priceless.  But not for why you might think.  The moments of  pyscho-holy-crap-are-we-ever-gonna-get-this-done kind of crazy minutes throughout the day were not from lack of direction or design; we simply wanted it to be perfect, and just the way Brianne imagined. So you could say it was a labor of love.  Literally.

Our Wedding Day Setup began weeks before with “The Event” meetings.  Brianne went over her notebook and the orders she placed, we brainstormed about ideas on what could be done and how to pull it off in the time we had to do it and we made suggestions on things to get or how to do it for less.

Next stop:  Logistics.

The day before the wedding we started with transporting the large floral delivery from our office over to WinMock to see the space inside {I knew I would sleep better after knowing what I was facing!}  We had been by a couple of times while they were renovating but I have to admit – when we pulled up and all the landscaping was complete, the flowers planted, the fresh new paint….my breath was taken away.  This was going to be nothing short of spectacular.

If you know Bri you know she loves GREEN so it was no surprise her flowers were all green and white.  Here is our handcart with the fresh flower delivery ready to be taken to my car:

(sorry for the bad iphone photos!)

You can’t go wrong with Maggie B’s sweets – a large delivery was exactly what we needed to get the party started!

Maggie B’s cute packaging {I’m convinced} is what sold Bri first, then one bite and she discovered heaven on earth!

After loading my car the next step was to head to WinMock.  The staff there was incredibly friendly and helped us unload my car and safely store all the flowers and other wedding goodies.

The next morning my first stop was our friend Sami Price at Just Priceless.  She was in charge of the boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets {thank goodness}!

Sami was kind enough to meet me very early {it’s so nice to have friends – it makes the world a better place} and even help me load the car!

Having just loaded my car we evaluate the situation and decide the box is pretty accurate!

Stay tuned – wedding day set up to come!

xo Christi

Photo credits:

All really crappy iphone photos I will proudly claim.  All the lovely professional images from WinMock came from their website photo page which you can find here.

Oooh the details.  The little things that we as designers focus on as well as the big picture of any project.  It’s the details that make a huge difference and make any project personal.  Whether it’s a simple frame with a family photo or the perfect piece of artwork.  The details are what sets a space apart and truly makes it special.

How fabulous are these yarn balls?  This wedding photo shoot featured on Style Me Pretty is one not to miss.  I would LOVE to see an entire wedding or party based off of this photo shoot idea.  This definitely takes grandma’s yarn to a whole other level with this neutral color scheme.

Paper and Fabric buntings have been a huge trend lately.  What a fun a whimsical way to add a “pop” of color to your big day or party!

Granny Smith apples used as place cards tie everything together in this brightly colored wedding.

Ribbon and Pom Pom Streamers aren’t just for birthday parties anymore.  Have some fun on your big day!

Have fun with your ceremony program! If your wedding is outside make it a fan.  Add photos of the wedding party so everyone knows who is who.

A place for guest to put cards for the newlyweds.  Gone are the days of the cardboard box wrapped in paper.

We think that moment and detail of a wedding should be filled with personal touches.  Stay tuned to see the details what we are putting together.


p.s.- I am really bad about keeping record of where I get inspiration photos from.  If any of these happen to be yours just let me know and I will give you the credit you deserve.  🙂

A little bit of flower eye candy!  Flowers definitely tie any space together and bring life to the room.  Here are a few of our favorite wedding flower ideas:

Mix real blooms with handmade paper flowers for a whimsical centerpiece.

Casual Mason jars with a variety of flowers.

Sweet and Simple Pink Gerbera Daisies and Belles of Ireland.

Petite rose bud vases used as table numbers.

Nancy Liu Chin‘s arrangements are simple, beautiful but super creative.

Vintage bottles and jars with simple stems make a big statement when gathered together.

Just Priceless adds a fun touch to the bright red centerpiece with red wire.

(Sami  Price and her team are making all of my bouquets and boutonnieres!)

What flowers did you use at your wedding??  Stay tuned to see what we will be doing at mine this weekend.


It’s WEDDING WEEK!!!  I still can not believe that this week is finally here.  In 5 days I get to marry the love of my life, my partner in crime and my best friend!  What a lucky girl I am!  This week we plan to bring you a week filled with all things WEDDING!!   To kick things off let’s start with a little blog love.  My obsession for the past 7 months er….like 2 years have been wedding blogs.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding?!  Gorgeous locations, beautiful couples, fabulous decor and oooh the floral arrangements.  I love browsing through all the photos making mental notes of what I love, what doesn’t seem to work and saving the best photos for inspiration.  I have also been saving floral arrangement photos for furniture market showrooms.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Style Me Pretty –  Oh, how I love thee.  Thank you for your multiple postings everyday filled with inspiration photos of beautiful weddings.  You are a brides dream come true!!

Modernly Wed : This site is FILLED with BEAUTIFUL photography of nice clean and modern weddings, beautiful couples and fabulous outfits.  Modernly Wed lets the pictures speak for themselves with very little written about each event.

Green Wedding Shoes :  Yes, please!!  Whimsical, romantic, fun and a little DIY all in one fabulous blog!  Plus, Jen the queen of the blog is super nice and actually responds to emails!

Grey Likes Weddings :  …..and well I LOVE Grey!  Stylist Summer Watkins does a fabulous job of highlighting weddings with style perfection!  Every post is different which makes this blog a great resource.

Do you have blogs that you love and check daily….well besides ours of course!  Please share!  🙂


We hope that you all have checked out and enjoyed our Outside of the Box category on our recently redesigned  website.  Every once and awhile a fun, creative, truly “out of the box” project comes our way.  From a sweet 16 party to hanging desk to creating a one of a kind display to creating a larger than life bee hive from scratch.  We are truly lucky to be able to work with such a diverse group of clients, events, places and spaces.  In the midst of all of our other exciting projects that we are currently working on there is one that is not only fun, exciting and outside of our usual interior box.  It’s a project that is very near and dear to all of us.  Especially ME!!  We are planning my summer wedding that will take place the end of July!

Like with all projects we have to start with location.  My fiance and I wanted a venue that was a little different, casual and  fun but still elegant and timeless for our wedding.  While searching and searching and searching (not kidding…almost had a break down during this time)  for the perfect place close to our home in Winston-Salem we stumbled upon the recently renovated WinMock.  When the website popped up it was truly a moment that felt like the heavens had opened and sent the most perfect venue for us!  (I’m cheesy.  I know.)  The WinMock is a 1920s dairy barn located 9 miles from Winston-Salem and 9 miles from Mocksville.  We chose the HUGE beautiful barn loft to exchange our vows and celebrate!

Now that we had the perfect location came our color scheme.  Being a designer it’s all about the colors and details, details, details.  I love/am obsessed with the clean crisp combo of white, charcoal gray and granny smith apple green.  It was the obvious choice for the color scheme for our big day!

After spending countless hours at night and on the weekends looking through wedding blog after wedding blog I have truly been inspired.  Some of my favorites are Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Modernly Wed. I have most recently found myself browsing through Pinterest.

Ryan and I describe our wedding as traditional with a twist.  All of the traditional elements of a wedding ceremony and reception, done our way.  Our ceremony and reception will be filled with little touches and details that are truly us.  From the decor to the food.  Every detail has been thought out.  I think…

Stay tuned to see how we are transforming basic glass Mason jars into beautiful charcoal gray vases, adding POPs of green throughout the space, DIYing almost everything and truly go “Outside of the Box”!


-Our engagement photo above was taken by the talented Lauren Hutchinson Clark of Lauren Hutchinson Photography.  She and her husband Dave will be photographing our Big Day!!