Heads Up.

November 2, 2010

In honor of the start of deer hunting season this past weekend, I have rounded up a variety of faux animal hunting trophies.  Animal hunting trophies are not limited to Man Caves, Lakeside Cabins and Mountain Getaways.  They can now be mixed into your modern home or loft.  Here are a few of my favorites:

How cute is Ferdinand from Stray Dog?- Gentle Ferdinand is handmade of papier mache from recycled materials by artisans in Haiti.  He also comes in a variety of colors!

Robbie Rhino from West Elm– Robbie is made from recycled paper and can be painted to match any decor.  Although, I like him in his natural state.

Carved Wooden Moose from Roost – This guy is definitely a moose, measuring in at 32″ x 32″

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth- Cyan Design

A variety of hand glazed ceramic animal trophies- Williams Sonoma Home


ps- No animals were harmed during the writing of this blog.


2 Responses to “Heads Up.”

  1. Angela Says:

    Oh my goodness friend, you have officially won my “country bumpkin” heart with these “everyone look what I shot” replicas of the real things that I see in many of friends’ homes! How exciting to see that the ‘city slicker’, ‘urbanites’ are using these as art, heck my family and friends have been using them for years!! We started this trend “Once upon at time…” ago!! Yesss! (with a fist pump to the side)

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