All Aglitter, All Is Gold

July 16, 2012

There is nothing like a little “bling” to add some glamour to a room. Don’t you think?
With the announcement of several new products, the talented designers at Yellow Goat have proven they too know just how to pump up the GlamFactor.

BACCI is one of their newest introductions:  Glossy gold aluminium shapes poking through on both sides of a sheet of 10mm (3/8″) clear acrylic make for very impressive bling whether used on a wall as in this image or on a ceiling.

Appropriately named BIG DOME:  What else could you call these things? They simply are ‘Big Domes’, but they are made using the oldest boat building techniques in the world – stretching skin over a frame, in this case high tech aluminium skin and polycarbonate frame – makes them less expensive and much more interesting than other domes.

THAI SOUP:  It’s a bowl shape, it has a Thai influence but that’s where the similarity ends. This very glamorous piece is made up of hundreds of gold coloured elements forming the shape of a prayer bowl. Lit by a huge round opal pearl.

Our interiors certainly have their own bling factor, client requested of course.  If you are interested in pumping up your Glam-Quotient be sure to give us a call.

xo Christi Barbour
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